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Chino (CA) Don Antonio Lugo defensive tackle, George Uko, ranks among the nation's very best at the position. His performance at camps and combines as of late has only helped his already skyrocketing stock. With defensive tackle being an apparent position of need for the Ducks in 2010, Uko could very well figure in to Oregon's needs come signing day.

Do you currently hold an offer from Oregon?


What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process began?

"Well I was talking with Coach Gray when he was there, but he's not there anymore. Coach [Tom] Osborne has been out here quite a few times because he's the recruiting coordinator out here and Coach [Nick] Aliotti came out to school about a month ago."

How often would you say you're in contact with Coach Osborne?

"Probably every two to three weeks."

What is your overall interest in Oregon?

"It's high. They're up there. They're in the top seven."

What is your top seven looking like?

"UCLA, USC, Oregon's in there, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Cal, and I think that's about it...Washington's in there also."

Are all those teams essentially even for you, or is there some separation amongst those seven?

"No, they're all the same. They're all about the same."

What is it about Oregon that has you interested in the program?

"I just like the weather and stuff and I just like the school, in general. I just like the color of the school, the team, I know they have a good football team because I've been watching them play. Plus, I'm trying to play with my friend (Steven Bethley) who also gets recruited and his favorite school would probably be Oregon."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"Just a good defensive lineman."

Is there a particular aspect about your game that you think you excel in?

"My first step."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"Tommie Harris."

What are you looking for in a program?

"The education is first, then how the team is and everything, and then after that, probably just the environment and just how the area is outside of the school."

Have you thought about what you might want to major in when you get to school?

"Probably criminal investigation and if not criminal investigation, then business."

How many offers do you currently hold right now?

"I got 11 now. I just got my latest offer yesterday from UCLA."

Of your top seven, have all those schools offered you?

"All of them have offered besides USC so far, [but] I'm expecting an offer from USC though. They just want to see me in camp and everything first, just like UCLA wanted to see me in their camp yesterday and they offered. I'm pretty sure USC is going to do the same thing, so that's why they're up in the top because I'm sure they're going to offer."

Which camps have you been to, and which camps are you planning on going to this summer?

"I'm going to be at the Oregon one-day camp this week coming up. I'm going to be coming up to Oregon this week and then I went to the UCLA camp yesterday. Then I went to the Nike camp, I went to an UnderArmour combine, which is the combine, and then I'm going to go and finish with the USC camp."

Have you been on any unoffiical visits yet, or are you planning on going on any unofficial visits?

"I've just been to a couple of practices. Like when Oregon had open practices at San Diego, I went to one of those because they were allowing people to go. So I went to one of those, then I went to a practice during spring break, an SC practice and a UCLA practice during my spring break. Other than that, that's about it."

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