Interesting development

Lance Broadus, a 6-3, 215 pound linebacker from Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft was supposed to visit Nebraska this weekend but the Corn Huskers decided to move the visit to next weekend when students will be back in school.

"Yeah, the only problem is now I have two trips set up for next weekend," Broadus said. "I'm supposed to visit Arizona next weekend too. I can't move either to the 24th because I'm taking the SAT that weekend so I'll have to talk to my head coach and decide what to do."

The last time we spoke with Broadus, he told San Diego State was his leader but he has now gone back to his original leader.

"Oregon is my top school again," Broadus said. "San Diego State was great but I think when I got back, I was speaking more on emotion than anything else. When I thought about it, I realized that Oregon was the best place for me and that's where I'm leaning.

"The only thing is Oregon hasn't called me in a couple of weeks so hopefully they're still recruiting me. If they're not, I'll have to re-think my options. I know this will be my last visit because I'm getting tired of the recruiting process. I'm ready for it to end so I should be deciding in the next week or so."

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