Feeley waits on the sideline

A.J. Feeley, who guided the Eagles to four wins in five starts during Donovon McNabb's injury-caused absence, spent Saturday's game as the club's No. 3 quarterback. Koy Detmer, whose dislocated left elbow has healed, is McNabb's backup and the holder for kicker David Akers.

"I'm a spectator again," Feeley said. "The only time I think it was difficult was the very first snap of the game. Once you get a taste of playing out there, you're always itching to do it. But after the first snap, I was like, `OK, I'm a spectator again. I'm ready to play my role.' Once you see Donovan out there ready to go, it's a bit easier to do."

Feeley threw for 1,011 yards, 86-154, six touchdowns, five interceptions and a 75.4 quarterback rating.

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