Ducks at Broncos: Preview, Part III

Parts one and two of this preview were dedicated to analyzing each team's offense against the other's defense. Unfortunately, football is not that cut and dry. Therefore, part three will discuss some of the many other factors that go into a game.

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1. Special Teams

Football is ultimately a game of field position. If the offenses can't make anything happen (highly unlikely), look for them to turn to the kickers to make a difference.

Boise State returns junior K/P Kyle Brotzman, who has yet to miss an extra point. The Oregon kickers need to improve significantly if they want to contribute.

Advantage: BSU

2. Coaching

Chris Petersen is coming off his second undefeated regular season in his three years as a head coach. This will be Chip Kelly's first game as a head coach after being promoted from offensive coordinator.

3. Home Field Advantage

Autzen stadium is one of the toughest places to play in the nation, yet the Broncos pulled off a win there last season. That should give the Ducks the motivation to negate any advantage Boise State gets from playing on the blue.

Advantage: Push

4. Injuries

This is the one variable that no one can control nor predict. It is also the one variable that can make the biggest difference in the game. You don't need to look any further than last year's game for proof of that.

Advantage: Nobody

5. Weather

You just can't beat an autumn evening in Boise, Idaho. Count on beautiful weather for the game.

Advantage: Everybody

(You'll notice I am a lot more comfortable predicting the weather than injuries.)

This has the makings to be one of the best games of the season. These are two high-caliber teams that will go on to have great seasons whether or not they win this first one. No one really knows what will actually happen on September 3rd.

Which is why they say, "On any given Saturday..."

Or Thursday.

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