Will Oregon Get Lucky?

Agoura (CA) athlete, Lucky Radley, is a dynamic talent who could make an impact just about anywhere on the collegiate level. As Radley gears up for his final season of prep football, he's looking towards his future and is weighing his options. While he claims to be wide open, Radley admits that an offer from Oregon would go a long ways.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?


Have you had any contact with the coaches from Oregon?

"Yes, a lot. With Coach (Scott) Frost. Coach Frost came up to my school a couple of times. It's another coach too (that I talk to), the defensive backs coach (John Neal), I talk to him a lot over the phone and over e-mail. And Coach Frost came to my school a couple times and I speak with him a lot also."

How often would you say you talk to Coach Frost and Coach Neal?

"At least once a week."

What have your conversations with them been like?

"That they've seen me in person and that they just want to keep evaluating me and hopefully soon I'll see an offer from them. They just e-mail me randomly (too) saying, "We're still thinking of you", "You're still on our radar", you know little stuff like am I still thinking of them and stuff like that. I talked to one of the coaches, and they are really high on this one guy and they think that they're going to get him, but if they don't, they're going to offer me."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"I have a high interest in Oregon. I like them a lot. My ex-quarterback, Bryan Bennett, he committed to Oregon. Bryan and I have a good relationship...we hang out every weekend."

Did you used to go to Crespi?

"Yeah, I went to Crespi my freshman and sophomore year."

What about the Oregon program has you so interested?

"I liked Oregon before Bryan committed. I like the coaching staff, they're really cool...I met a couple of the coaches. I've just been watching them. I go to USC and UCLA game and I watched them there and they have a good team. I love their colors too. They just have a good program all around."

Is Oregon recruiting you mostly at safety, or another position?

"Mostly safety, but I have been getting looked at at running back also."

Do have a preference either way as far as what position you'd like to play?

"Yeah I like safety. I like playing defense, I like to hit, but running back is more natural to me."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"At the professional level, defensive-wise at the safety position, I'd say Bob Sanders...that's for the defensive side of the ball...and on the offensive side of the ball, I would say LaDainian (Tomlinson) *laughs*. My mom said LaDainian. Who would I say? I don't look to be like anyone, I want to be my own person. I want to make my own name."

What are you looking for in a program?

"I'm looking for a team where they're very high on academics, first thing's first. A good team that I could feel comfortable for the next four or five years, because that's where I'm going to be for the next four or five years, so I just want to be as comfortable as possible. I want to have a good relationship with the coaches and location isn't going to be a factor. I mean, because, if I go to the NFL we're going to be playing everywhere, so that's not going to matter to me."

What offers do you hold from other schools?

"Arizona, San Diego State, Iowa State, Eastern or Western Michigan, one of those two I forgot. I have it all written down at home, I can't think off the top of my head...I also have Utah State, Colorado State, Colorado...I'm down here in South Carolina right now and Clemson just verballed me, it's probably going to be official pretty soon and South Carolina also."

Do you have any favorites of the teams that have or have not offered you?

"No, I don't have a top five. Everyone has a chance right now, I don't have any favorites. I'm just looking for the best fit right now. I want to evaluate all my schools, but I could tell you right now, if Oregon offered me, they'll probably be one of my top (schools)."

What unofficial visits have you taken?

"To Clemson, USC, UCLA, San Diego State, Colorado, Colorado State, North Carolina, South Carolina."

And you haven't visited Oregon yet, is that right?

"No. I wanted to come down there, but I had a CIS track meet the same day. I made it to the finals so I couldn't come down and visit."

Have you given any thought as to where you might want to take official visits?

"Not yet. I'm waiting to hear from more schools. You know, Oregon has to offer...I'm waiting for a couple more schools to offer to see where I want to take my visits."

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