Ducks Planting Seed With Potts

Cultivating relationships with potential recruits in the speed state has been vital in Oregon's quest to become a national recruiting power. Delray Beach (FL) American Heritage running back, James Potts, is but another big time talent whom the Ducks have shown plenty of interest as of late. eDuck Sports caught up with Potts to get the scoop on the recruiting front.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No. Not yet. I was hearing that they were talking about giving me one, but they haven't told me."

Have you had any contact with the Oregon coaches?

"Yeah, I talked to the running backs coach, Gary Campbell and that's it."

When was the last time you talked to Coach Campbell?

"Around Friday or Thursday."

How often are you in contact with him?

"I actually just started talking to around two weeks ago."

What have your conversations with Coach Campbell been like?

"We've just been talking about the offense and how I can contribute and stuff like that."

Has he mentioned anything about a potential offer maybe coming through for you down the road?

"Yes sir."

What would you say your overall interest in Oregon is?

"They would be in my top other schools are Michigan State, Vanderbilt, Louisville, and Rutgers. And also Northern Illinois."

What has you interested in the Oregon program?

"I like their offense -- I used to watch them all the time -- and everybody's got to love their jerseys. It seems like a good program and a good school."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"An all-around athlete. I can play offense, I can play defense, I go hard every play, tough..."

Are most schools looking at you at running back or on defense?

"I have 14 offers and out of 14, only two are for safety. The rest are for running back."

Would you prefer to play running back at the collegiate level?

"Yes sir."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"As far as running, I see myself as a Clinton Portis. He's a nice balanced back. He can catch the ball, run the ball hard, he put a little move down and then on defense, I like LaRon Landry and Bob Sanders. That's who I see myself as. A hard-hitting player."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Really, it's going to be how bad they want me and the setting around the area, how the whole city is around the area, that's my biggest concern."

Is location a factor for you?


What are the offers you currently hold?

"I have Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Louisville, NIU, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Colorado State, Indiana, FIU, Troy, Michigan State...the others slip my mind. I have them written down on a piece of paper."

Out of that top five you mentioned earlier, would you say anyone is leading at this point?

"Not at this moment."

Have you taken any unofficial visits yet this year?

"I went to Rutgers. That's the only place I went."

Have you made any decisions yet on where you'll be taking official visits?

"I'm planning on going to Vanderbilt, Louisville, Michigan State, Oregon (if offered), and I haven't decided on the fifth one."

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