WR commits to Ducks

TheInsiders.com spoke Saturday with Brian Paysinger, a 6-2.5, 190-pound receiver from Long Beach (Calif.) Wilson and Brian let us know that he verbally committed to Oregon over Washington State University and Fresno State. All three had offered Paysinger, who runs a 10.7 100 meters, as well as Colorado, Fresno State, Arizona State, Cal and Nevada.

"At first it was Oregon, Washington State and Fresno State, but there's more opportunity in the Pac-10," Brian said. "I've always wanted to be in the Pac-10. Fresno State offered me and then the bigger schools came at me, like Oregon and Washington State. They were really interested in me, I mean stupid interested. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get a chance to play at this level."

When the Bulldogs were eliminated, it was just the Cougs and Ducks. "I went on a visit to Pullman (12/13) and I was expecting greenery but all I saw were wheat fields," Paysinger said. "It was cold, but they showed me a good time and I liked it there. I could see myself playing there. Mike Price had all the recruits in a huddle with the players, saying he had these offers to go other places, but he was staying.

"I felt pretty good about Washington State, but a week later I find out Coach Price is going to Alabama. He seemed to be really honest and I thought he was being honest with me. I guess they paid him a lot of money. And Kasey Dunn, the coach that recruited me - he left too! There were too many coaches leaving, so it wasn't looking very good.

"Then I went on my trip to Oregon and it was a completely different story. It was more urban, which is what I'm used to. And the campus and facilities are beautiful. So the first thing I asked the coaches was, 'Are you going to be staying?"

Keith Allen was Brian's host. "He's a receiver too, and he told me that the game is faster at that level and it takes some time to learn the system, but he got it down and actually played last year as a redshirt freshman. He said he played sooner than when he thought he would. He said I have the body to play right away.

"Coach Ferrigno said I have the body and athleticism to play right away too, but that I'll have to work my way up. There's a lot of receivers returning. He said they like me on the fade route close to the end zone where they can put the ball up and I can go after it, maybe get a pass interference call or something."

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