"Words Can't Describe" Says Mathis' Father

A day after returning from their unofficial visit to the University of Oregon, Dior Mathis' father had nothing but glowing things to say about Eugene, the University of Oregon, and the Oregon football program. While Dior stuck to his word, declining to commit while on this visit, it seems as if Eugene has left an indelible mark on all members of the Mathis family.

Talk about your overall experience in Eugene throughout the weekend?

"Well you know I had seen it on Gridiron, but once you get there it's different. It's a lot better than the video could even show. Getting there, everybody was nice to us...he had a chance to interact with the players, you know, and they seem like they want him to be down there. They exchanged numbers. But one of the main parts I was worried about [on the visit] was my wife. Would she be ok with [Dior] coming down there, because she's a hard person to please (laughs). I mean, if you can please my wife, you got it. I knew I was going to like it and I knew Dior was going to like it, but to make her like it? Oh man. That was something special. She liked it and she's not easily impressed. Coach [Chip] Kelly sat down with her and he was talking to her and everyone was just being honest, telling us that they wanted Dior and he was rated high on their list. And they got two seniors leaving next year in Walter Thurmond and [Willie Glasper], so he could come and fit right in. The weather was good, they said it doesn't snow down there which is the big thing that I like. It's in a good conference, the Pac-10 conference, which is one of the best conferences, so it just seems like a win-win situation."

How was meeting with Coach Kelly and Coach [John] Neal? What were your impressions upon meeting them for the first time?

"I talked to Coach Neal on the phone...he's a go-go guy. He's real enthusiastic and he knows his stuff and they run the same defense as Dior has at Cass. They run the same style of defense, so he's familiar with the nuances and the terminology somewhat so that was good. And Coach Kelly, I mean, he talked more than my wife which is hard to believe (laugh). He can go and go and go which is a good thing. Everything was good. I had heard from people that had been down there how good it was, but you don't really get a feel of it until you come down and see it yourself. It was worth the trip. Man. We're looking to come up for the USC game for an official visit...but we'll have to make sure that that doesn't affect with his football schedule."

Was there an urge to commit on your guys' part or were the coaches pushing for a commitment at all?

"No, they weren't pushing for a commitment. They were like, 'Go back home and think about it.' Oregon sells itself, it's really nothing they can tell you. You either like it and you want to be here, or you don't. The only factor that they were concerned about was the distance. Me and my wife, we talked about it, distance isn't a factor. Distance isn't a problem. We like Eugene. We went around to the mall and we walked around talking to people and everybody's friendly. And it's nice to have all those classrooms close together, you don't have to take a bus 45 minutes to get to a class and everything's just close and convenient. He's going to think about it and concentrate on this season. At first he wanted to [announce] around the [U.S. Army All-American game], so it might be there or it might be sooner, so we're still thinking about it. I guess if he comes back the USC game, he might do it then, you never know. He might get caught up in the moment, you never know with kids."

Does Dior have an other unofficial visits planned before the start of his season?

"Not that I know of. We're just going to concentrate on football, because two-a-days started today. Right now he's going to concentrate on the football season and if anything else we'll probably just do a couple of officials, but nothing major."

As far as official visits, other than Oregon, has Dior scheduled anything officially yet?

"Nope. Oregon was the first one we got scheduled, but we haven't done anything after that. We wanted to make sure we're coming back for a game and we haven't made any other schedules than Oregon, right now."

Special thanks once again to the Mathis family. Stay tuned to eDuck Sports for all your latest news regarding Dior Mathis and the rest of Oregon's recruiting efforts in 2010.

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