Thurmond the Motivator

Eugene -- As the Oregon Ducks start the third week of practice senior cornerback Walter Thurmond III took the opportunity to help out a teammate on the other side of the ball -- by doing a little talking.

Walter Thurmond was very vocal today in encouraging teammates. Thurmond and Garrett Embry jawed at each other in practice, as it appeared Thurmond was trying to motivate Embry, who had a difficult time catching the ball and maintaining focus.

Jamere Holland, Diante Jackson and LeGarrette Blount returned to the field today. Holland looked particularly rusty coming back for a sore quad, but was moving around fairly well. With the exception of Rory Cavaille, the Ducks are back at full strength at wide receiver.

Coach Chip Kelly mentioned that no word has come back from the NCAA Clearinghouse regarding the status of Cliff Harris and Justin Brown. No timetable was given for a verdict, though Kelly stated that both players have a chance of being ruled eligible for the upcoming year.

Tomorrow's practice starts at 2:00 p.m., and is open to the public, however no scrimmage is scheduled.

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