Kelly Pleased But Not Satisfied

Eugene – Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly thought today's practice was the most balanced on both sides of the ball but the defense prevailed 66-63 in competition points. The team worked in the warm sun on Papè Field and the defense came off with the black jerseys signifying the winner of the competition.

"I'm really pleased where they are right now, but I'm not satisfied," Coach Chip Kelly summed up his feelings about his team's progress. "I think they can get better."

The defense started off taking a big lead in the competition but as the practice wore on the offense came roaring back but could not over take the defense's lead.

Freshman wide receiver Diante Jackson may have had one of the best catches of fall camp when he leaped high into the air and pulled in a pass over two defenders. The catch drew applause for the sideline crowd, who obviously was pleased in what they saw.

Kelly answered questions from media following practice.

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