Hamilton commits to SDSU

Lynell Hamilton, a 6-0, 200 pound running back from Stockton (Calif.) Edison has made his college choice. In all our years of covering recruiting, Hamilton's reaction to his decision might be one of the strangest we've ever encountered.

"I committed to San Diego State over Oregon," Hamilton said. "It basically came down to what my parents wanted versus what I wanted. They really liked SDSU a lot so that's where I'm going.

"Oregon has been my first choice for a long time and we've been going back and forth on this for over a week. I've even been praying asking God to open their eyes to what I think is best for me but they're pretty set in their ways. Don't get me wrong, SDSU is a fine school and I'm sure I'll be happy there. It's a nice area and I'll have a chance to start as a true freshman.

"Plus they run a one back offense and that fits my style of running really well. I have nothing against the school. It's just not where I want to go. Oregon came by yesterday and I had to tell them I was going somewhere else. They told me they weren't going to give up on me and said they would hold a scholarship for me but I think this is all over."

Why did you decide to announce now if you're not totally comfortable with the decision?

"I didn't want the other schools to have to wait on me any longer," Hamilton said. "That wasn't fair to them. All the talking in the world wasn't going to change my parents mind so there was no use in waiting. This way they can move on and go after other running backs. As for me, I plan on getting myself physically and mentally ready for college. It still hasn't sunk in yet that I won't be going to Oregon. I felt that was the perfect fit for me but what's done is done and I'll have to get on with my life and just do the best I can at San Diego State."

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