Things Go from Bad to Worse

Boise – Never mind the woeful play by Oregon's offense that went three-and-out, seven times in a row, that was simply bad execution. It was so shocking that regular Oregon followers could hardly believe what they saw, but when LeGarrette Blount lost his cool as the teams left the field following the final whistle, that may have capped this first game of the 2009 season with a solid thud.

Frustrating simply is an inadequate word describing what happened on Thursday night. The Ducks ended up with only 152 yards of total offense in the 19-8 loss and a team known last year as a terror running the ball only had 52 yards to show for an off-season and fall camp of hard work. The frustration of the team's performance got to Blount and as he ran off the field exchanging words with BSU player, Blount suddenly lunged and struck a BSU player. If that wasn't enough, as Oregon wide receiver coach Scott Frost escorted him off the field, BSU fans started heckling Blount. What happened next is not exactly clear, as there are reports that one of the Boise State fans slapped Blount further fueling a bad situation. Frost with aid of stadium security and Boise Police physically restrained Blount.

Blount later faced reporters and apologized for his actions.

"I didn't really want to talk to the media," said Blount quietly, "but I did want to come out and apologize for my actions."

Blount said he was unaware of any action Head Coach Chip Kelly will hand out, but was willing to accept what ever the punishment would be.

Kelly did not see the altercation with the fans as he was still making his way off the field. He said he would review the incident and take appropriate action. Athletic Director Mike Bellotti also indicated that he and Kelly would discuss the issue and take action but went on further to say that the University of Oregon does not condone such actions.

Defensive back Walter Thurmond indicated he did not actually see either incident but acknowledged that trash talking was going on between both squads all game.

Perhaps the one statistic that illustrates the struggle the Ducks found themselves in was that Oregon time of possession was 17:28 while BSU held onto the ball for 42:32. While at times Boise State looked like a sure thing to roll through the season, it too had a series of miscues. The Broncos fumbled four times, losing possession three. Even with those gifts, Oregon could not convert the turnovers into points.

Kelly, was barely audible when he was interviewed after the game. When asked if he ever considered replacing Jeremiah Masoli with back up Nate Costa, he said, "no." And when he reviews the tapes of the game?

"We'll see," responded Kelly to the question of Masoli's performance. "I'll watch the tape tomorrow and do what's best for this football program."

It seems tomorrow will be a busy day for Kelly. Lot's of tape to review trying figure out how this game was such a mismatch and what steps he'll need to take to do what's best for the program.

Bellotti, can sympathize as times like this happen to every head coach and among the things he intends to do is talk to Kelly about what happened. Did anyone offer Bellotti a pat on the shoulder and encouragement when he had his first bad loss?

"Bill Moos did," said Bellotti. "He assured me that things will get better, and I truly believe it will be the same for Chip."

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