Scales Reflects On Official Visit

The self-proclaimed "best tackler on the East Coast", James Scales, made his official visit to the University of Oregon this past weekend. Scales, along with a handful of other highly-touted prospects, took in the sights and sounds of Autzen Stadium and many of them (Scales included) came away rather impressed.

Talk about your overall experience in Eugene this past weekend.

"My trip went real good. Everything was top of the line. The food to the limousine service that picked us up, they just took real good care of us. They outfitted us with some real neat gear that the players have ... like the warm-ups, the shirts, the shorts, and all that, but we had to give it all back at the end of the trip though. But it was pretty neat putting on what I'm going to be wearing when I become a Duck."

Take us through the weekend. What kinds of things did you do?

"The first day we got there, the other recruits came too, like Ivan McCartney and my real good friend, Ethan Grant, that committed. We had dinner with our position coaches and Coach (Chip) Kelly. So that was real neat and some of the redshirt freshman players; they were our chaperons for that day. We sat down with Coach and our position coaches and talked about everything and had some good dinner."

What was it like being able to spend some quality time with Coach Kelly and Coach (John) Neal?

"Me and Coach Neal's relationship is real, real good. Better than any other coach because he's my position coach. We hit it off the first time we talked. The good thing about Coach Neal is that we can talk about things other than football and still have a good conversation. So that's real big for me."

Did you get a feel for how the other recruits who were visiting liked the trip?

"Well me and Ethan, we really enjoyed it. I think we're going to be roommates when we get there. Ivan McCartney and Troy Hill were also there with us. I think Troy really liked it and Ivan did too, like with what they were saying when we were at the game. It was just a real exciting atmosphere."

What was the one thing that stood out to you about being in Autzen and watching a game?

"Well the one thing really, it happened before the game. When they were in warm ups and me, Ethan, and all of us walk in and stand on the sideline and the whole student section was right behind us. And they hold up these two posters with like our names on it and they had these little chants telling us to come to Oregon. That was real neat."

Which Oregon player was your host on your visit?

"The first night it was Brian Jackson, redshirt safety from Alabama. Saturday night though, my host was like the best host you could ever have, Jeremiah Masoli, Darron Thomas, Walter Thurmond, and guys like that. So I had a real good time."

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