Hill Blown Away By Oregon

There's no doubt that Ventura (CA) St. Bonaventure cornerback Troy Hill is an elite athlete. Simply take a look at his film. As one of the premier corners on the West Coast, Hill claims a top three of Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. Hill took his first official visit of the season to Eugene this past weekend and it appears the Oregon program has left quite the impression.

Talk about your overall experience in Eugene this past weekend.

"My overall experience was great up there. I liked it a lot. The atmosphere was just wonderful and it was real cool up there."

What stood out the most to you during your visit?

"Obviously they have the best facilities and things like that and their ties with Nike, but it wasn't even that. I think it was more like the way they run their program, they're a family. And the way the fans outside of them have so much support for their team and the way they provide for you even after you graduate, you can always come back and things like that. So I think that's what stuck out to me the most."

Take us through the weekend. What kinds of things did you do?

"In the morning time, I woke up and ate breakfast with the players and I sat with Walter Thurmond and all them and he talked to me about the opportunities I have at Oregon. And I went to their defensive meetings and their team meetings and watched their film and things like that and then we headed over to the stadium and watched them get ready for the game and the pre-game. I talked to Cliff Harris up there too and he talked to me about what was going on up there and stuff like that. I watched the game and later on in the night, I actually met up with one of my old teammates up there -- he plays baseball -- and he told me some good things about Oregon too. And after that I went out with my host and just did the whole recruiting thing."

Who was your host on the trip?

"Dewitt Stuckey...he's real cool and there was a couple other people around, but he was my host and it was real cool to hang out with the team. They are real cool and laid back people."

What was it like being able to spend some quality time, for the first time, with Coach (John) Neal and Coach Kelly?

"Coach Neal is just a real cool guy. He's real honest about everything and that's what I like about him. He doesn't beat around the bush. He just told me that the opportunity is there and if I come in, I can compete to start and all I have to do is my part and work hard and come in and the opportunity is all in my hands. Most coaches would tell you, 'Oh you can come in and start right away' and things like that, but he's real honest with me and I like that a lot. The fact that he produced NFL DB's is kind of crazy. He was telling me how they really weren't all that fast, but he still produced NFL DB's, so that showed me he's a great coach. Coach Kelly is real cool and stuff. I like Coach Kelly a lot, because he told me he's actually around a lot. He's actually around the players and stuff like that and he actually gets in to (the drills). Most head coaches just have their other head coaches just do everything, but he's like in to everything and out there with the players running around and stuff, so I like that."

Did you talk much with any of the other recruits who were in town for the visit? Did they talk to you much about Oregon?

"Not really. They didn't pressure me in to committing then, but the things they actually did say, they said that it feels like their home and that they loved it up there. We didn't really get in to it or nothing like that...I talked to (Ivan McCartney) a little bit, but once again, we didn't really talk about the whole recruiting thing, but he looked like he enjoyed it too."

When you were on the trip, did you have an urge to commit? Did you feel an urge from the coaches for you to commit?

"No, that's what I liked. They weren't really pressuring me to commit. They just straight told me what were my opportunities are with no pressure, so I didn't really have a urge, but in my head I kind of liked it a lot. So I've been thinking about it and thinking, 'Can I see myself playing here?', but that's the only thing. I never really had the urge to commit or anything like that."

What is your schedule looking like as far as your other official visits go?

"My Arizona one is going to be planned for October 24 as of right now, but it's not set or anything, but that's what we're working out for. My Washington one, I'm not sure yet."

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