Decision for Reinstatement to Come Later

Eugene -- Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly said that today's action is not a reinstatement of running back LeGarrette Blount, but merely a path Blount can take to become a full member of the football team. A decision won't be made on Blount's playing status until at least the Stanford game.

Kelly said the reason for the Stanford game was chosen was because it allowed him to evaluate Blount's progress for a sufficient amount of time after the agreement for possible reinstatement was made.

Blount signed a document saying he would adhere to specific "academic, behavioral and athletic guidelines" in order to successfully gain back reinstatement.

Kelly mentioned a number of prominent figures, such as former NFL head coach Tony Dungy and acclaimed Berkeley sociologist Harry Edwards, counseled Kelly and talked with Blount personally regarding the decision.

Kelly understands that there will be backlash but stated that, "this wasn't a football decision but rather a human being decision."

Kelly also indicated that he had spoken about his decision to the team last night, but did not ask for their input. He added that the team is "on board this morning and supports the plan in place" for Blount's potential reinstatement.

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