Kelly Thinks UCLA is Best Defense to Date

Chip Kelly, fresh off a 52-6 win over Washington State said on Sunday night that next week will be the biggest test the Ducks have faced to date. Even though he indicates his team is getting better and better each week, he is cautiously addressing the first Pac-10 road foe and not creating any bulletin board material by saying the wrong thing.

Oregon faces UCLA next week in the Rose Bowl and looks to extend a four-game win streak in the process.

Kelly was asked by reporters in his weekly Sunday night media interview if the tempo of his offense is where he'd like it to be. He says no but it is getting better, which causes one to wonder if it that it were any better would Oregon have scored 100 points against the Cougars? Kelly later indicated that every defensive offer a different look and the tempo of the offense are based on what the defense is ready to do.

There will be no announcement until Monday on who the players of the week were for the Ducks. Kelly indicated that he has to let the individuals know first before he makes an announcement on Monday. When asked about standouts for the game and specifically Terrell Irvin, Kelly lauded Irvin and Terrence Montgomery but went on to say that his squad is playing so well it is hard to pick out individuals.

"There's not one standout for us, especially on the defensive side of the ball," said Kelly. "They've been a very consistent group top to bottom. Our leading tackler only had five tackles but there are a ton of guys who had a lot of tackles again. It's a total team effort."

Turning the attention toward injuries the question of Jeremiah Masoli came up. Masoli went out of the game during the second quarter and while there isn't much cause for alarm, Kelly maintained his standard answer regarding injuries.

"Jeremiah Masoli is doing well," responded Kelly to the question Masoli's health. "He came in for treatment today is day-to-day."

The coach also mentioned that C.E. Kaiser is the only other player (from yesterday's game) that is listed day-to-day.

When the subject of UCLA was brought up Oregon's headman felt that the UCLA Bruins are "really good, especially on defense." Kelly fells the Bruins are the best defense Oregon will have faced so far this season.

Offensively for UCLA the question is who is going to be quarterback according to Kelly. Kevin Craft has been around for a while and the Ducks are aware of Kevin Prince because he played in the Tennessee game. Kelly felt that the key to Stanford's success on Saturday against the Bruins was holding controlling the time of possession. Stanford beat UCLA 24-16.

A reporter asked Kelly if the offensive line was ready for this road trip. In a rather standard answer Kelly took pains not to upset the future opposition.

"We'll find out," admitted Kelly, "every week we've gotten better but this will be our biggest test to date."

Finally, for eDuckers I asked if the coach had any suggestion in a nickname for the defense.

"I don't care about nicknames," replied Kelly.

But it's a reflection of how well they are playing I responded.

"And if they don't play well next week they'll have another nickname for them," chuckled Kelly.

Kelly indicated there is no time frame on Tyrece Gaines appeal to the NCAA to grant this year a redshirt despite playing in a game for one snap.

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