Game Day: In Case You Don't Remember

Forget that Oregon has won 10 of the last 14 games, the last 5 by more than 20 points, and has risen concurrent with Washington's fall. You still hate these guys, and I'm going to tell you why.

I know, "hate" is a strong word and one your mother told you not to use, but like most motherly advice, in spite of its merit it can be rationalized in times of need.

And I need it.

So allow me a preemptive apology to my matriarch, for I am about to sin. My rationalization? Simple, it's warranted. If you're a native Oregonian, old enough to have bills, and care an iota about college football, you hate the Huskies. You hate the color purple, you hate that "W" logo, and you undoubtedly hate the falsely-represented-financially-successful-middle-aged-Washington-alum spitting beer all over his purple cashmere sweater with that gold "W" logo on it in the midst of a loud, incoherent diatribe, with but one purpose; self promotion. Pardon my run-on, I quoted directly from Wikipedia's "Husky Fan" definition.

Okay, maybe not, but if you're familiar with the Don James Era, you know to what I speak. You've walked from an arena amidst the condescending remarks. You've sat in a stadium within arm's reach of a group of "Dawg" supporters whose crap-eating grins and beer mug toasts seemed to be programmed in a 3 hour loop. You've sat idle in a car at a stop-light following a game, surrounded by Husky onlookers more-than-happy to send you on your way with a middle-finger salute coupled with a four-letter assault. And if you meet my aforementioned criteria, you've probably experienced all of the above.

If you're not familiar with Oregon's defeat at the hands of the Huskies 66-0 in 1974…now you are. If you don't recall Washington's 17-3 record versus the Ducks between 1974 and 1993…now you do. And if you've forgotten about the "Dawgs" dancing and posing for a picture on the "O" in Autzen Stadium circa 2003…remember.

Huskies don't like you, and you shouldn't like them.

I understand that it's difficult to have animosity for someone or something that's seemingly inferior, but believe me when I say; you should and you will. History is littered with ill will relative to this game, but if you're naïve to the animosity I speak, wait ‘til Saturday afternoon. If you're going to this game, be prepared. Plan for inappropriate comments, plan for disgusting behavior, and plan for hatred which can only be the result of a decade worth of the short end of the stick. Duck fans remember it, Husky fans are living it. If you're old enough to remember the lean years, you understand this game. You understand the roots, the depths, and the fruits that this rivalry provides. You're familiar with Steve Emtman, Mario Bailey, and Napoleon Kaufman. You cringe at the thought of Billy Joe Hobert, Jerramy Stevens, and Marques Tuiasosopo. Not to be forgotten, Jeff Jarzynka, Mark Brunell, and Corey Dillon…oh, and lest I forget, Rick Neuheisel.

Follow me?

This game isn't about match ups, X's and O's, or All-Americans, it's about history, pride, and bitterness which has no end. If you're an Oregon fan, you don't want to lose this game. If you're a Washington fan, you can't afford to lose this game. And if you're a football fan, you shouldn't dare miss this game.

Hate away Ducks, your mother will understand.

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