Game Day: Hello Hollywood

Forget about Heisman Trophies, championships and rich tradition; let me tell you why Oregon really needs to beat these guys.

I'm not going to break any ground here. There'll be no reinvention of the wheel, Theory of Relativity, or solution to global warming as a product of what I'm about to say. I suspect there will be a fair amount of yes, true dat and amen from any or all spawning from Pac-10 institutions up and down the western half of the United States.

Why you may ask?

Because these guys need to go down.

Before I begin my rant of negativity, sour grapes and borderline jealousy let me first decry any assertions that the following are in fact any of the aforementioned. I'm not jealous of the University of Southern California. I don't aspire to be one of them . And I especially don't bemoan what they've accomplished over the last decade, decades, or half-century of college football. What I am is tired. Tired of hearing about and watching one of college football's most storied programs wallow in its own poo. Tired of hearing everyone with a microphone and media outlet fawn over Coach Carroll. And utterly exhausted from words and expressions used to describe USC quarterback Matt Barkley, which are normally reserved for pre-teen females at their first Justin Timberlake concert.

In other words; how about a little justice?

I think seven consecutive conference championships are enough. I think seven consecutive BCS appearances are more than enough. And I think the next time I see Snoop Dog, Will Farrell, or any of the other myriads of celebrities that frequent Trojan practices it will be too soon. I'm not sure if OJ in the mid-nineties got as much face time as the Men of Troy… and he was a darn Trojan too!

There was a time in the midst of their most recent run in which I actually rooted for SC. Their win over Iowa in the 2003 Orange Bowl was a gold star for the Pac-10 when the conference desperately needed some national recognition. I recall watching with delight as they ran roughshod over Oklahoma in the 2005 National Championship (Orange Bowl). And I vividly remember their heart-breaking defeat at the hands of Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns in the 2006 Rose Bowl game, where reality first slipped its foot in the door of college football's playboy mansion. The house that Pete Carroll built, Reggie Bush decorated, and Matt Leinart lived … rent-free I imagine.

But enough is enough. It's time for someone, anyone to finish what Texas started nearly four years ago in Pasadena. Oregon has that chance tonight and it's the best a conference constituent has had since Carson Palmer dismantled the Hawkeyes that late Miami night nearly seven years ago. Sure the Ducks had an opportunity in 2007 before Dennis Dixon's knee let us down. Yes, the Beavers were a Civil War away from finishing what they started in Corvallis early last year. And of course, we all owe the Huskies a big round of applause for setting the table for what could be a last supper for a Trojan team sitting firmly on death's doorstep, but it's Oregon's job to finish what began September 20th in Montlake.

And they can.

Matt Barkley is dying to lose a game for USC. I know it's difficult to believe that the world's eighth wonder is capable of doing any wrong, but I assure that one needn't a Zapruder Film to detect flaws in Sir Barkley's game. I actually saw him throw two and nearly three picks last week against Oregon State. I watched him complete but 15 of his 31 pass attempts on the road at Ohio State. And I've listened to him for nearly two months downplay his inexperience and poo poo the relevance of decade-tested environments and the affect they can have on a game. I can appreciate his talent, along with his potential, but ignorance and naiveté at such a level dangerously tempts fate and weeps for a karma kickback.

That's right, I said it. I'm a big believer in Karma and SC's is way overdue. Between Pete Carroll's bravado, Matt Leinart's arrogance, and Reggie Bush's…well…alleged preferred rental agreement, it's time the bank of righteousness forecloses on the property in the West Adams District of South Los Angeles.

Don't you agree?

If you're one of the nine learning institutions in the Pac-10 Conference not singing "Fight On," flashing a victory sign, or walking with their nose at an elevated level, you do. You're rooting for Oregon this evening in spite of allegiance to another university, not because of adoration for the Ducks, but due to detestation for the Trojans. And that's fine. A vote for Oregon is a vote for something new, a mandate for change, and an appeal for justice.

And that is the American way.

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