Broadus to Oregon

The Lance Broadus saga has come full circle. The standout linebacker visited Oregon in early December and almost committed on the trip. The Ducks fell off the list for awhile but have now emerged again and Broadus has de-committed from Nebraska in favor of Oregon.

"Oregon was kind of where I wanted to go all along," Broadus said. "That was my favorite trip and I was ready to commit after the visit but the coaches kind of talked me out of it saying I shouldn't make an emotional decision.

"I enjoyed my other visits to San Diego State and Oklahoma but Nebraska really blew me away. I committed before leaving and felt that was where I was going to sign. I liked the fact that there wasn't much to do in Nebraska but focus on just football and school.

"Another reason I committed was because I thought Oregon had backed off me and I hadn't heard from them in awhile. After I committed, I started to have second thoughts and then Oregon jusmped back in. It was such a tough decision and I actually agonized over everything for a couple of days.

"I stopped taking phone calls from people just so I could focus on my decision but I decided earlier today that I wanted to go to Oregon. It's where I wanted to go from the beginning and I'm excited about the decision. Oregon has a lot going for them, I like the team and players and I think I'll be able to play early there."

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