QB Makes His Choice

We received an email this morning from San Leandro (Calif.) quarterback Dennis Dixon announcing his college choice. Dixon will announce at his school at 11:30 but wanted to break the news here first and said to go with it at 11:00 so here it is. In Dixon's own words, here's where the talented quarterback will be signing after looking at Oregon, Washington, Utah and San Diego State.

"I will be attending Oregon next fall," Dixon said. "I am very happy about my decision. I met with my parents for hours and I met with Coach Nady every night this week. When I looked at the big picture and weighed all my options, Oregon was the best choice for me. I will grey shirt at Oregon and not participate next fall in practice or in the games but, I will be in the Eugene area.

"I have to find a job for the fall and then I will enroll at Oregon in the spring and my scholarship will start. During the fall I will lift and work on my fundamentals. I will also take one or two classes to get a jump start on my academic career. Then if I red shirt in 2004 I will be a freshman in 2005. By that time I will know the offense like the back of my hand and I will be stronger and bigger and fundamentally much more sound. As for baseball, I will play summer baseball for the Aloha Knights in Portland. They are a semipro team that has a good tradition of sending guys to MLB.

"Everything has worked out GREAT!!! Oregon was there for me since the very start of this process and I am excited to get to Eugene and get started. I want to thank Coach Nick Alioti for all his hard work recruiting me and all the love he showed me. I want to thank San Diego State, Utah and Washington for taking the time to recruit me. I know that I would have been successful at any of those schools and they all treated me very well. But, when I added up everything, Oregon was the best place for me.

"I also want to thank Coach Scott Nady for his help throughout this process, without him this would have been MUCH harder. He helped me more than I can say. I am looking forward to getting to Eugene and meeting my new teammates and getting to know the coaches better and most importantly I am looking forward to meeting all those awesome Duck fans that fill the Pond every Saturday. I can't wait to make them cheer. I am going to Oregon with only one purpose and that is to win a National Championship, anything less and I will consider my time at Oregon unsuccessful."

(Following Quote From Coach Nady) It was important to me that Pacwestfootball.com broke this story Nationally because Pacwestfootball.com has been there for us since the start an they do a great job of reporting accurate and unbiased stories. Thank you Pacwestfootball.com.. I am very happy for Dennis he deserves everything he gets. The Duck Fans have no idea how lucky they are, they just won the Lotto!!! I also want to congratulate the San Leandro Pirate family for signing three other scholarship in addition to Dennis Dixon, Sam Cheatham and Reggie McPherson both signed at Northwestern and our DE James Dawson signed at Utah State. Four Divison I scholarships is a great accomplishment for this school and these boys worked very hard. It is a great day to be a Pirate!

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