Duck Commit In Texas Playoffs

The latest Oregon commitment Dontae Williams, is a 4-star running back rated 22nd nationally. The 5-11, 207-pound star for Adline HS of Houston, Texas is preparing for second round action in Texas 5A competition. Williams ended lots of speculation by calling the Oregon coaches and letting them know of his decision.

eDuck: I heard you made a verbal commitment to Oregon, is that correct?

Williams: Yes sir.

eDuck: When did you make that commitment?

Williams: I told Coach today that I want to commit – not today, yesterday.

eDuck: You spoke to my counter-part Chris Courtney a few months ago and Oregon has been a team you've been interested in for some time?

Williams: Yes sir.

eDuck: When did you finally come to a decision that you are finished with the recruiting process and now it is time to make your decision?

Williams: It was Friday night.

eDuck: What were the factors that came into your decision?

Williams: It was kind of everything that I know about the school and things like that. I just felt like the place I would like to be at for the next four years.

eDuck: I know you visited Oregon during the USC game?

Williams: Yes sir.

eDuck: That was quite a night. What was your feel about the whole Autzen experience?

Williams: I loved it. The feel of the crowd, how loud it was.

eDuck: What drew you to Oregon? Was it the conversations you had with the coaching staff or when they are TV, what was it about Oregon that really drew you to them?

Williams: Coach Campbell really got my attention when he came down to talk to me.

eDuck: He's a guy you can really relate well to?

Williams: Yes sir.

eDuck: If you were to describe yourself as a player, what kind of player are you?

Williams: (long pause) I don't know.

eDuck: Do you think you are a power running back or a speed running back? If you had someone you might compare yourself to, who would that be?

Williams: No one really.

eDuck: You're your own running back then?

Williams: Yes, I am very strong and pretty fast so I don't feel I can say I'm either or.

eDuck: How did your high school do this year, are you still playing?

Williams: Yes sir, we are in the second round of the playoffs this Friday.

eDuck: Okay, who do you play?

Williams: Alief Taylor.

eDuck: Okay. One other thing, do you do any other sports besides football?

Williams: I run in track.

eDuck: How are your grades, how are you doing in school?

Williams: I've been making As and Bs all year.

eDuck: And how about your SAT or ACT?

Williams: I took it last year.

eDuck: How did you do on that?

Williams: I believe I made a 20.

eDuck: How about in the weight room, your bench, squat and power clean?

Williams: Bench 365, squat 500.

eDuck: Do you know what your 40 time is?

Williams: 4.49.

eDuck: Dontae, I want to congratulate you on your decision and wish you well. I look forward to seeing you next year when you get on campus at Oregon.

Williams: Thank you.

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