Mathis Family "Treated Like Kings" On Visit

The University of Oregon hosted a number of big name recruits this past weekend for the biggest game in Civil War history. Four-star cornerback, Dior Mathis and his family were one of the fortunate few who were able to take it in up close and personal. eDuck Sports caught up with Mecah Mathis, Dior's father, who had nothing but great things to say about Eugene and the University of Oregon.

Talk about the overall experience for you and the family being in Autzen on an official visit for the very first time.

"The official was real nice because we got treated like kings, basically. Everybody was real nice, took us around, showed us the new student center that's going to open up pretty soon...that place is...oh man, it's just nice in there. Real nice"

Was there anything in particular about the visit that stood out to you, Dior, etc.?

"Getting to see the student athlete center and the game itself, the fans -- everybody was so nice to us -- and how it was so loud, the stadium, it was so loud during the whole game. Usually you don't get that. Fans that are that loud for the whole game. It was something."

Take us through the weekend. What kind of things did you and Dior get to see and do Thursday through Saturday?

"We arrived in Portland and then they drove us from Portland basically to the game because people from Oregon State and Oregon were trying to get to the game. We got to meet with some of the players and stuff before the game and we got to go on the field for pre-game and then like I said it was just awesome, the crowd that was there. They were loud throughout the whole game. {After the game) Dior got to go with some of the members of the football team. They went out Friday night. They just showed us around town a little bit."

Who was Dior's host?

"He was one of the cornerbacks, I believe. I can't remember his name." *Note: Was able to confirm later that redshirt defensive back Brian Jackson was Dior's host.

What was it like being able to spend some quality time around the coaches while they are kind of in their own element on game day?

"You just get a feel for what would happen if he were down there and see how he interacts with the players during game day and afterward. And they are basically the same when you meet them. They don't change or act for anybody."

Which coaches was Dior mostly interacting with?

"Coach (Chip) Kelly, Coach (John) Neal, and we got to talk to Coach (Scott) Frost -- he's real nice. And it was another coach, a linebackers coach, D.P. (Don Pellum), he was real nice also."

Did Dior's mom also get a chance to make the trip out?


Did Dior get a chance to speak with the other recruits who were in town?

"He hung out with Terrance Mitchell, the recruit from California and he hung out with a couple more -- I can't remember their names. They bonded. They seemed to bond real well together. They seemed to enjoy each other's company. I think they'll get along real well together."

When Dior was visiting, did he have an urge to commit? Was there pressure from the coaching staff at all?

"Yeah, he's going to stick with the original plan of doing it at the All-American game and like I said, there was no pressure at all for him to try and commit right then and there. The coaches understood our situation and what he wants to do and they had no problems with that."

How would you rate the visit on a 1 to 10 scale. 1 being horrible, terrible, would never do it again, or 10 being just amazing, blow you away, perfect.

"I'd give it an 11 (laughter). It was off the charts."

What's the remaining schedule as far as official visits go?

"We haven't really planned for any other officials right now. He wants to do well at the Army All-American game so he's training real hard and getting ready for that. So that's what we're doing right now."

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