Heimuli Uses "Amazing" To Describe Oregon

Ricky Heimuli has played his recruitment close to the vest, but on Monday, the four-star defensive tackle sat down with eDuck Sports to discuss his official visit to the University of Oregon this past weekend. Heimuli gushed over his experience in Eugene and it appears as if the Ducks are a serious player for his services.

Talk about your overall experience in Eugene for your official visit this past weekend?

"Oh man, it was amazing. It was not what I expected. It was crazy, especially when I was in the stadium with the fans and everything. It was a great game to watch. Obviously it was good to see that Oregon won. It was a great game and there was just lots of energy with the way the team played, the way they came together, and the way they hung in there when it was getting tough towards the end of the game. Coach (Chip) Kelly did a great job along with the rest of the coaching staff. It was great. It was an awesome experience and definitely something I loved and the fans are just crazy and the stadium is just crazy. I really loved it. I really enjoyed it."

Was that what stood out to you the most? The fans, the energy of the players on the field, etc,?

"Yeah definitely. It was just crazy. I told them I would love to play in an atmosphere like that, but you know I'm just going to take my time. This really helped (though), I got to learn more about their program, meeting the staff, and getting to know a lot of their players as well."

Take us through the weekend as far as the activities that you got to participate in while on your visit?

"Well I got to check out the campus obviously and got to check out the city a little bit and just went around and talked to some people about the program and met up with the coaches and just got to see what the players get to do around there. On Friday we just went out and pretty much got to hang out with my host and I got a real good look at the whole campus area and everything like that and (see) how Oregon works."

Who was your host on your visit?

"Wade Keliikipi. He was a great host and he did a real good job by taking me around and having a lot of fun with him."

What was it like having the chance to spend some real quality time with the coaches?

"It was good. I loved it. The coaches were what I expected, especially since I talked to them over the phone. Coach Kelly was real cool, real kick back, and was real straight-up with everything he told me as well as Coach (Jerry) Azzinaro. Man, I love that guy. He's a real good coach and a funny guy and it was really good to get to know him and get to meet him face to face. It was a great experience and I love it, man."

Did anyone accompany you on the trip?

"My parents came up with me. They came up and stayed for the game and stuff but they had to come back (home) for some stuff that was happening that Friday night and Saturday morning. The time they were here though, they loved it and it was good. They're looking forward to meeting up with the coaches in the near future. I guess they're planning on doing a home visit, so whenever that happen, it'll be great to get to know them (more)."

Has a date been set for the in-home visit?

"There was one planned for next week, but I'm heading out to Hawaii tomorrow for the all-star Poly game out there this weekend."

Did you get a chance to visit with any of the other recruits in town who were visiting?

"Yeah, I got to meet a lot of the recruits that were there and I got to meet some of the commits who were committed to Oregon already and it was good. They were just telling me about the program and why they committed and why the other ones were considering Oregon and stuff like that. I got to meet a well known defensive end, Gabe King. I heard a lot about him, so it was really good to meet him and get to know all the other recruits, so that was real chill too."

Was there an urge on your part to commit during the visit? Was there any pressure from the coaches for a commitment?

"(Laughs) The thought was running through my head, but I told myself before I went out to just go and learn more about the program, get to know the program, the coaches, the team. I want to stay open to everything. I've got three more visits and I want to check 'em out. It was running through my head (though), but I was able to stay strong and give everyone else an equal opportunity. It was a great experience and I'll definitely be considering Oregon and Oregon State -- because I've already taken two trips to Oregon State as well. So I'll definitely be thinking about everything, but as of right now all schools are still open, but Oregon was a great place. I liked it."

How would you rate your visit on a 1 to 10 scale?

"I would say 9.5 (laughter). I wasn't there long enough."

What's the rest of your schedule like as far as official visits go?

"I have one scheduled, but I don't know who the other two are yet...I have UCLA (scheduled) I think the second weekend of January after the (U.S. Army) All-American game."

Do you know who the last two schools are that would round out your official visits?

"Oh man, I don't even know. I really haven't given much thought to that yet, but I'll be able to have a pretty good idea hopefully by next week so that I'll be able to let the coaches know so that they can have everything prepared and ready."

Is there a timetable for when you'll make a decision?

"As of right now I'm going to hold out all the way until Signing Day. I just want to take as much time as I can to do my homework and get to know everything and learn more about everything, so pretty much Signing Day is when I'll most likely make my decision."

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