It's Time To Play The Game

The Oregon Ducks want to win the 2010 Rose Bowl. All the practices are completed, the team photos are taken and now all that is left is get up and go play the game.

Looking back on this season, we are reminded of something Remene Alston said during the summer workouts way back last July. Alston, was healing up from an injury that slowed down his progress in spring ball. When asked about his injury and his perseverance, Alston's reason were simple, he wanted to play the game. Then when asked what kind for football team this year's squad will be, Alston thought for a moment before replying.

"Well sir, I can't guarantee you we'll win the national championship," said Alston in a confident voice. "But this is going to be a team people will long remember."

Now nearly seven months later that prognostication is proving true. For the last week, the Ducks have been here in Los Angeles focusing on winning this game. I'm told that that the pressure is building up on folks inside the program and game day couldn't come at a better time. While the trips to Disneyland are fun and the fan adulation at the pep rally is great, what this really wants to do is go out and play the game.

For this group of football warriors, nothing more needs to be said. In fact they would have just as soon and played the game a couple days ago on the fields of Home Depot Sports Complex if the Buckeyes would have made the quarter mile journey to do so.

All week long we've heard the same questions asked, how will Oregon's offense deal with the bigger, stronger Ohio State defense? How will the sometimes suspect Oregon defense contain Terrell Pryor? Is Ohio State's tradition and past success intimidating?

The answers now will be played out on the field at least for the part about the Duck offense against the Buckeye defense. While the Ducks haven't seen a player quite like prior in games this year, the team does see at least two quarterbacks in Darron Thomas and Daryle Hawkins who may be equal to Pryor and the question about the tradition?

As one of the players said during the kickoff luncheon on Thursday which maybe best answer of all when he said, "the tradition starts with this game."

So let them kick the ball off at 1:30 p.m. (PST). Everybody is ready for the to play the game and hoping that tradition starts on Friday.

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