Dior Mathis' Mother Weighs In On Son's Choice

After months of phone calls, visits, and careful consideration, 4-star cornerback Dior Mathis of Detroit (MI) Cass Tech made his decision on where to attend college in 2010 during last Saturday's U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio. With his family by his side in support, Mathis chose Oregon. eDuck Sports caught up with Dior's mother Pam to get an in-depth look at the whirlwind weekend.

Describe what the overall weekend in San Antonio was like for Dior and your family?

"We had a lot of fun, Chris. The experience was what we expected. We were in San Antonio last year for the Junior Combine, so that was one of the deciding factors on Dior picking the Army All-American game for this year because of the wonderful time that we had last year. The Army game, in my humble opinion, is just so well put together. The level of prestige...it's just real high up on my list."

Did Dior get a chance to spend any quality time with any of the other Oregon recruits who were in San Antonio for the game?

"I heard some rumors about some kids that were considering Oregon, but none that I could really name names. I heard about some kids from different people, but you can't always go by what you hear. I did hear a lot of good things from people looking at Oregon."

Describe your feelings during Dior's announcement? What were your feelings and what was Dior feeling?

"Dior is always calm. I think me and his dad were more nervous than anything. I couldn't even finish my breakfast that morning! I couldn't. Just all the excitement of the game and everything. I knew what school he was going to, but after he made the announcement, it was like a sigh of relief. I was so happy it was all over. I really was. I was like, 'Ok, now it's time to move on to the next step in our lives.'"

What made Oregon the right place for Dior and your family?

"Oregon is a world-class teaching facility. I love the university. The two visits that I was able to take really, really showed me that Oregon is the place for my son. I think it's a good fit for him. Chip Kelly and his coaching staff are so down to earth and I never once felt like they were telling me something just to make me feel better. I really trusted everything that I got from them. And basically, the university is just a great place with the combination of opportunity and experience. I just think it's a great place to go to school."

At what point did you realize Oregon was the right fit for Dior?

"It took place long before the Army game. I knew that Oregon was the place for my son after my second visit. I really enjoyed myself when we went on an unofficial there, but I knew Oregon was the place for Dior after our second visit. I mean I just loved it. I did. And it has nothing to do with the uniforms -- you know you hear so many different rumors on why people like Oregon. It has nothing to do with what they wear in a game. It has EVERYTHING to do with opportunity and his education and what could happen for him during the next four, maybe five years to come."

Was distance ever an issue for you, your husband, or Dior?

"We were approached by people saying that, 'Oregon is really far' and 'Do you think that you really want to send your kid out that far?' and that we won't be able to go to all of his games, but you know, I never once panicked. Honestly Chris, it never crossed my mind that I wouldn't be able to do it because I don't think that way. I think positive. I knew wherever he went, that I was going to be at all of his games. Whatever it took, I was going to be there. It never once dawned on me to say, 'Well, I may not be able to watch him play' because that's putting negative energy out there. I never think that way. It didn't matter where my son was going to go, my husband and I are going to be there."

What are your plans for the fall as far as coming out and watching Dior?

"We plan on coming to all of the home games. We may not make some of the games that are in other places, but you never know. Our plan is to be at all of the home games. The only game that I know that we'll be at that's not at home will be probably the one at Tennessee, because we can drive there."

A very special thanks to Mecah and Pam Mathis for their time and contributions throughout the recruiting cycle. Congratulations to Dior and his family on their commitment to the University of Oregon and we look forward to covering Dior in the fall!

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