Waiting for All the Facts

Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly held a media conference in Eugene on Friday and said that three incidents have occurred recently involving University of Oregon football players but in two incidents he is awaiting all the information to be gathered in before taking any action.

Kelly indicated that he let two players go since the Rose Bowl appearance. Garrett Embry was released from the team on January 8th and Matt Simms was let go on February 1st but the head coach would not reveal the exact reason for the dismissals other than to say a "violation of team rules."

Kelly also indicated there had been three incidents recently but would not comment on any incident specifically. While Kelly would not comment directly, it has been reported that running back LaMichael James had been arrested on charges of strangulation, assault IV and menacing. James was released from the Lane County Jail after pleading not guilty to the charges in an arraignment hearing held at the jail. Kelly mentioned that he was informed of James' arrest by running backs' coach Gary Campbell.

Another incident occurred on January 30th when place kicker Rob Beard suffered injuries to his jaw that required hospitalization after he was beaten by assailants in a street brawl. Later, defensive end Matt Simms retaliated by beating up another student whom Simms believed was involved in the assault on Beard. Beard has since been charged with misdemeanor Assault IV for his part in the brawl.

(This story was edited to reflect that the three incidents Kelly refers to are the incidents involving Beard, Simms and James.)

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