Salem's Smith Ranks As One Of West's Best

The last couple of years have seen the state of Oregon turn out some legitimate Division I talent. This year, the trend looks to continue, as West Salem (OR) quarterback Brett Smith helps headline the state's 2011 class of potential D1 signees. Rated as one of the top quarterback prospects on the West Coast, Smith has been receiving overtures from a number of schools in the Pac-10.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No I do not."

Have you had any contact with Oregon?

"To be totally honest, I don't really get much from Oregon. I get the occasional letters, but I haven't really been in contact with Oregon in quite some time for now. Ever since I went on a visit over Christmas break, I haven't really heard from them much. I talked with Coach (Mark) Helfrich once to just kind of get his perspective on things for their 2011 class, but that's basically it."

How often have you received mail from Oregon?

"I'd say once every couple of weeks's just kind of the general mail that they send out to everybody."

What is your overall interest in Oregon?

"To be completely honest, I've kind of gotten to the point in the process where I'm interested in whoever is interested in me. I'm not chosing a school and working to get their interest in me. I'm interested in whoever's interested in me. That's a place where I want to go and eventually God will take me to that place, but right now it's still early and I don't have a favorite right now."

What is it about the Oregon program that captures your attention when you consider them as a potential option?

"I'd say probably their history with all the success that they've had. They've always been in the run for Pac-10 championships and obviously going to the Rose Bowl last year, they're always going to a bowl game. On my visit, there were a lot of really top qualitiy facilities that were really, really cool to see. Also, their offense. They run kind of that spread offense where they get the quarterback to run around a little bit, which is kind of cool. I like that too."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"A competitor. I'll do whatever it takes to win. I'll run, I'll throw, I'll catch, you name it, I'll do it as long as we win the game. I wouldn't label myself as much of a pocket passer because I like to run around and throw it around a little bit. I'm just willing to do whatever it takes to win."

Would you compare yourself at all to player at the collegiate or professional level?

"I think I have a long way to go talent wise, but I'd probably say I mold my game after some players. Maybe I have some similarities to Colt McCoy. He's able to run around and throw as well. I like kind of having the freedom to run, but I also love throwing the ball too. I try to mold my game after him. I kind of play with a lot of passion and enthusiasm maybe like Tim Tebow. There's a true example of how to play the game. If you see me in a game, I'm going nuts, I'm head-butting linemen, I'm jumping up and down, and I'm just having fun with it."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Probably the most important thing for me is academics because I know that there's a life after football. Football-wise, I'd say a team that's in a position to go to bowl games and win championships. I want to be at a place where we're always in the hunt to win the league and also be number one in the country and win bowl games. It's all about winning for me. I want to be in a position where the program is always in a consistent position to win some games and win bowl games."

Do you have any offers at this point?

"No I don't (laughter). I'm hoping for one soon though."

What are the schools you've been hearing a lot from lately?

"I've been hearing from Washington quite a bit. I've talked with Coach (Doug) Nussmeier quite a bit. I've also talked to Coach (Todd) Sturdy from Washington State quite a bit. I've been hearing from UCLA, Oregon State a little bit, Nebraska, Cal, Arizona, and Arizona State quite a bit. Mainly, I've talked the most with Coach Sturdy from Washington State and Coach Nussmeier from Washington. I actually went on a visit to Washington a couple of weeks ago and met Coach (Steve) Sarkisian and he's a really nice guy and we talked quite a bit; same with Coach Nussmeier. I've met him a couple of times."

Are you planning on attending any camps later this spring or summer?

"Yeah, I'm going to make my decision on what team camps I go to based on the interest shown for me. I'm going to choose the schools that are showing the most interest so I can go out there and kind of showcase some of my skills and meet the coaches and get a look around and learn more about all the universities. I'm probably going to go to two or three team camps and then I think I'm going to do one or two Elite 11's and then some Nike camps as well. I'm also going to be doing the Greg Barton Academy in April."

Have you been to or are you planning on attending any Junior Days?

"Yeah, Washington. That was actually what (my visit) was. It was their Junior Day and it was a lot of fun...I know Oregon's is a little bit later, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go to that or not."

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