Some Good News!

Last season, a special little girl came into the hearts and prayers of many Duck fans. After a serious struggle over the winter for her family, her father, Billy Wilson sent this update on Angel's condition to Mary Wing who in turn forwarded it to all eDuckers and friends of Angel.

Ms. Wing, it's Billy Wilson, Angel's dad. I just wanted to let you know that Angel is almost back to being her normal self again. That was a LONG couple of months! My dad dying was a total shock, he had just retired from work in December, he had been a college professor at a Division II college for 30 years. It was sudden, fast and totally unexpected. He was just 69.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know how Angel is doing and I am attaching a couple of recent picture taken of her for you. Once again thanks for the beautiful poem and the prayers! Oh Angel recently got to go to the theater for her very first time. She seemed to enjoy the play. It was the national tour of The Wizard Of Oz ! It was wonderful! Anyway, we hope and pray the you and your family are doing well.

Warmest wishes,

Billy, Crystal & Lil Ms. Angel Wilson


You may share the pictures with Mr. Summers and we know prayers work. If it wasn't for God answering prayers, Angel wouldn't be with us now.

Cast of The Wizard of Oz: Adam Jepsen (Scarecrow) Peter Gosik (Tinman) Ryan Wagner (Lion) and Cassie Okenka (Dorothy).

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