Distance "Absolutely Not" A Factor For DC DT

Sent off to military school as a youth, highly touted Washington (DC) St. John's College HS defensive tackle, Kevin McReynolds, is used to moving around. As one of the nation's best interior lineman on the defensive side of the ball, McReynolds is looking far and wide for prospective schools. Does the West Coast potentially suit his fancy?

Do you currently hold an offer from Oregon?

"No, I currently do not. The only reason I do not hold an offer -- which was said by the staff when I talk to them about once a week -- they said it's because they haven't seen me in person. They said that is the only thing that's holding them back because they have a policy that they don't offer anyone without knowing who they really are by seeing them face-to-face."

Who are you in contact with the most from the Oregon coaching staff?

"Coach (Josh) Gibson, Coach (Steve) Greatwood, and Coach Azz (Jerry Azzinaro). I talk to all three on a good basis."

What's your overall interest in Oregon right now?

"It's a school that I've liked for quite a bit of time now. Not just because of the jerseys and that's the only reason why people like them. They're a fast, physical defense, they get after it, and that's the way I really like to play football."

Is that what has you most interested in Oregon right now?

"Yeah. Most definitely. I'm a very strong guy also. I bench 405 lbs. I've been in the upper 3's throughout my whole time...300's...and I've gone up throughout my time in high school. So my strength is a big plus for me too."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"My leadership ability on the field. When I play, I attract more offensive linemen. That takes away from my teammates so my teammates can make plays."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"Ndamukong Suh."

What is it that you're looking for in a program?

"It's home feeling kind of thing. I like to feel at home and everything. I like to feel at home in everything I do. I like things that are like a family atmosphere, but I want a place where I can grow and get an excellent degree. I'm very business oriented, so I'd like to major in business or possibly communications or marketing or something of that nature."

Is distance a factor for you at all when you're considering schools?

"My parents sent me to military school when I was a little kid. Absolutely not."

What offers do you currently hold from other schools?

"USC, Maryland, Texas Tech, Michigan, Ohio State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, East Carolina, Memphis, LSU, Auburn, Pittsburgh, a few more schools too."

Would you say that you have any schools leading at this point?

"Not right now. There's no school that sticks out. Right now, I haven't really narrowed down the process. As of right now, I'm still trying to feel out certain schools and I probably won't be coming to a decision anytime soon. I'm probably going to announce my top five after the season is over next year. I'm in this process for the long haul and I'm not going to commit anytime soon."

Are you planning on going to any camps later this spring or in the summer?

"I will not attend any camps. I will only go on visits."

Which visits do you have planned out, or what visits would you like to take?

"I will be going to North Carolina soon...this weekend."

Do you have anything set up with Oregon as far as unofficial visits, Junior Days, etc?

"I will attend once an offer has been extended this way. I will get on a plane and fly out."

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