Scarlett Could Be Green Come Signing Day

When it comes to the class of 2011, few compare to the talents of Portland (OR) Central Catholic athlete Brennan Scarlett in the state of Oregon. Scarlett holds offers from most West Coast schools, including some very impressive national offers, but could he already be leaning somewhere?

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"I do, yeah."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon?

"I've talked to pretty much the whole coaching staff. I talk to Coach (Steve) Greatwood every week or so. During the season Chip Kelly wrote me wishing me good luck on my games each week, so I've talked to them quite a bit."

Would you say that Coach Kelly and Coach Greatwood are the two guys that you've been in the most contact with?

"Yeah probably."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"Big interest I'd say. Big interest. It's a great program and I've been down there a few times so I kind of know what it's all about and I like it."

What is it about Oregon that has you so interested?

"First off my parents can come see every game since it's not too far. It's definitely a program that you see on TV a lot and they compete in the Pac-10 every year, so that's a big thing too. Those two are really big factors for me."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"Well most people recruit me as a hybrid outside linebacker kind of guy. I don't know. I move pretty well for a guy of my size, so that would probably be the biggest thing."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"No not really. I just kind of do my thing."

Is Oregon looking at you along the defensive line, linebacker, or another position?

"They're just recruiting me as an athlete right now. They don't know if it'll be tight end or linebacker or defensive end. It kind of depends on how I grow and how much bigger I get."

Do you have a preference as far as what you'd like to play?

"No, not yet. I'm hoping to kind of decide on offense or defense as time goes along, but we'll see."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Probably first all is just the best fit. As a school, it's just visiting the place and deciding whether I can spend four or five years there at the school. I think the relationship with the coaches is a big factor too. It's very important."

Is distance a factor? Are you looking to stay primarily on the West Coast, or are you open to anyone?

"I'm open to anyone at this point."

What are some of the offers that you have right now?

"The most recent one are LSU, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, there's Nebraska...and then there's pretty much the whole Pac-10 except for USC, Arizona State, and Washington State."

Do you have any favorite schools that you have an offer from at this point or would like to get an offer from?

"I don't really have a top list yet. Me and my parents are hoping to sit down pretty soon and kind of nail things down."

Have you been to any camps yet or are you planning on going to any camps later this spring or in the summer?

"Not yet this spring. Maybe during the summer time. I'm coming off an injury so I'm not ready to get back on the field yet."

What was your injury?

"I tore my ACL."

Have you taken any unofficial visits or are you planning on going to any Junior Days?

"I'm hoping to go to Oregon's Junior Day, but that's not official yet. That's kind of the only one and maybe the Washington one for a basketball game or something like that."

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