Hughes Would Like To Hear More From Oregon

Filling spots along the defensive line could be a primary focus for Oregon this upcoming recruiting season. With a handful of players set to depart at the conclusion of the 2010 season, players such as Spring (TX) Klien Oak defensive end, Nathan Hughes, have the potential to be primary targets. The four-star athlete sat down with eDuck recently to discuss recruiting and the Ducks.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yeah. I have an offer from Oregon."

How much contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process began for you?

"I've actually talked with (Head coach) Chip Kelly before. He's a really cool guy. But since then, since I talked to Coach Kelly, they haven't really kept in contact with me."

How long ago did you speak with Coach Kelly?

"I don't even know. It was pretty early (in the process) was probably a couple of months ago."

Has he been the only coach from Oregon that you've talked to?

"I think so. There might have been another coach that was there, but I forgot his name."

What would you say your overall interest in Oregon is?

"I'm interested in Oregon, but I don't know, I really haven't heard a lot from them. I don't know much about them. My friend Jon Lewis -- he's actually one of my best friends -- he talks about Oregon ALL DAY. He has offers from Alabama and some other big schools. He plays defensive end too. He plays at my school with me and he moved from California before this (upcoming) football season and he's waiting on an offer from Oregon. He's been asking a lot for our coach to get in touch with the Oregon coaches for him because that's a school that would be way, way high on his list. For me, I just haven't heard a lot from them. That's the school that was in my top ten before I had offers or anything...that was the school I wanted to look in to. Everybody loves Nike, they have the best facilities, the best locker rooms, but I just haven't really learned a lot about them."

What was it about the program that caught or continues to catch your eye?

"They did good this year. I knew Oregon was going to be a powerhouse team coming back this year because their running back and their quarterback were coming back. Then Jon told me about how two defensive ends got kicked off the team and that spiked my interest right there. When you think about Oregon, you think about Nike and they always have the best uniforms, they always look the best...(Jon) told me about their locker room and then he told me to go look it up. I went to Google and typed in 'Oregon's locker room images' and I was expecting a nice locker room, but then I saw the pictures of the locker room and it's pretty crazy how nice it was. I just don't know much about Oregon (though). I didn't grow up in the West and I didn't pay as much as attention as I did the other Southern schools."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'm a player that's going to give it all on every play. I'm a captain on my team and I know how irritating it is watching your teammates give up on a play. I know I'm not allowed to yell at anyone else for giving up on a play if I'm gonna give up on a play, so I've got to lead by example. I'm a big defensive end that's fast. I weigh 257 lbs and I ran a 4.72 (40 yard dash) at the same time. That's why a lot of coaches like me. I have a lot of room to build if teams are looking to add weight on. I'm 6'6''...I'm not playing defensive tackle because I know a lot of scouts think that schools are recruiting me to play d-tackle...but I'm not sloppy or anything. I'm not a 6'6'' and then 257 lbs. of bad weight. I'm quick, I can pass rush and bull rush, I'm big and I'm fast at the same time. Schools are telling me I'm an overall player and that I can come in and make an impact early."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"I don't know. A lot of people ask me that question and I have a hard time answering it every time. Whenever I watch football, I don't really watch my position as much as other people watch their position. I basically watch the quarterbacks and receivers just because I like watching offense more than I like watching defense. When I'm playing on the field it's a different story. If I'm watching a game on TV on Saturday I want it to be a high scoring game, but if I was playing for that team, then I wouldn't. If I had to pick a player, it would be a player that was big and that was fast at the same time."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Mostly it's coaching. It's my number one thing because I want to be surrounded by coaches that I enjoy being with for four years. After that, it would be probably tradition. I'm big on tradition. I want a team that's known for doing good things and that's a team that's competing every year for anything, whether it's conference championship or national championship."

What are some of the offers that you currently hold from other schools?

"Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon..."

Is there anyone that is standing out to you right now?

"Oklahoma and LSU are standing out out of everybody else. Those are the only two places that I've visited so far."

Have you taken any unofficial visits this year?

"I've taken three unofficial visits. One to Texas, one to LSU, and one to Oklahoma."

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