Thomas Retains Heavy Oregon Interest

Underrated and ready to explode on the scene in 2010 is Woodland Hills (CA) Taft wideout, Michael Thomas. As the nephew of former USC great and NFL All-Pro Keyshawn Johnson, pressure and lofty expectations are nothing new for Thomas; coming as no surprise that he has shined brightly on the camp circuit this offseason. Thomas, still in search of his first offer, sat down with eDuck to talk Ducks.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No I don't have an offer from Oregon currently."

Have you had any contact with the coaching staff from Oregon?

"Well this weekend I was able to get down to the spring game. Me and my dad went down there to check out everything and see how it was looking. I had heard a lot about the facilities and I just wanted to check it out and see for myself and it was great. I had a great experience. I talked to the receivers coach, Coach (Scott) Frost, and Coach (Don) Pellum who had been in contact with me before I got down there. The coaching staff is real cool and things are real nice down there."

Was that your first contact with Coach Frost?

"With Coach Frost it was my first contact with him. With Coach Pellum, I had been receiving hand written letters and stuff from him. He came down to my school right after the season."

Did Oregon mention anything about a potential offer coming through when you spoke with them?

"They never mentioned that, but I know I play receiver and they don't have much depth at receiver for next year and they're going to be signing a lot of receivers and I think I have an opportunity to get one of those scholarships."

At this point, what would you say your overall interest in Oregon is?

"My overall interest is really high after going down there for the spring game and seeing everything; seeing the facilities, talking to the coaches...I'm really high on them."

Would you say the coaches and the facilities are what have you most interested in the school right now?

"The facilities and the coaches, yes, but don't let me forget the fans too. The fans were crazy at the game. It seemed like the whole town came to the game, it was so crazy. From all ages, it just seemed like there were so many people there."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I would probably describe myself as a dual-threat receiver. I'd describe myself more like a Chad Johnson because I can talk a lot, but then I can back it up. Also, learning from my uncle (Keyshawn Johnson), I have a mindset that I'm always open and that I always want the ball in my hands."

Is there a particular player at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"Well I learned a lot from my uncle watching him at USC and the NFL, but also I like to compare myself to Brandon Marshall. Brandon Marshall has probably the best hands in the NFL and just the way he runs his routes and gets open is amazing."

What are you looking for in a program?

"I think I'd just like to sit down with my family, discuss it with them, ask them what they think about the programs, see what our interests are, and then see where I fit in to the program. Would I be an impact freshman when I come in? Do they want me to redshirt? Things like that I'll take in to consideration. Close to home would be great so all my family can come to my games, but if they can't, I'll just go with the best fit for me."

Do you currently hold any offers from other schools?

"I currently do not hold any offers, but they should be coming in soon. I've been to all these camps like the UnderArmour camp -- I got an MVP there -- I went to the Badger 7-on-7 and was on the "Hot 21" list, I went to the LA Nike camp and was in the top three for receivers, and I've just been showing coaches that I can do a lot and trying to get my name out there."

Are there any schools that are kind of leading right now, as far as who you'd like to hear from?

"I'm hearing from basically all of the Pac-10 right now. I've been getting calls and letters and stuff, but as far as a leader I don't want to single anyone out because no one has officially offered yet and that first offer would mean a lot. Everyone is right there competing with everyone."

Have you taken any Junior Day or unofficial visits yet, or do you have any planned?

"I went to USC's Junior Day, UCLA's Junior Day, and I just recently went to the Oregon spring game...I'm going to be going to Cal's Junior Day on June 6 and I was supposed to be going down to Washington during the week, but I wasn't able to make since I was coming down to Oregon."

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