Harris Has Oregon Strong Connections

From time to time, random personal connections can birth big things. In the case of highly touted Atlanta (GA) Westlake cornerback Ronnie Harris, his close personal relationship with former Duck cornerback Aaron Gipson via Harris' older brother has made the Ducks a potential candidate for his future services. eDuck talked with Harris to get the latest on his recruitment.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No sir."

Have you had any contact with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"Yes, definitely. I took a visit out there the following Monday after Easter. I went to go watch them practice. I've had a lot of contact with Coach (John) Neal and we talk on a consistent basis. Actually my mentor, Aaron Gipson, actually used to play corner (at Oregon) and I have a great, great relationship with him and his wife."

Were you in town for the Oregon Junior Day?

"No sir. I couldn't get out there because I was in school, so I came that following Monday."

How do you know Aaron Gipson?

"My brother and (Aaron's) wife were best friends in high school and I go and visit my brother every Spring break. He was actually working out one Spring break and we just got to know each other from then and he's been by my side through recruiting. Every time we go up there, we work out, we go on the field and do DB drills, and he's just been a great mentor for me and someone I respect and love to talk to."

How often do you speak with Coach Neal?

"I probably talk to Coach Neal once every two weeks, once every three weeks. Somewhere around that nature."

Has he been the only coach from Oregon that you've talked to?

"Yes sir. When I went up there on my visit, I talked to probably every coach up there, but other than that, on the phone, I just talk to Coach Neal."

What's your overall interest in Oregon?

"Honestly man, I just love the Pac-10. There's great quarterbacks in the Pac-10 so there's got to be great DB's to stop the great quarterbacks in the Pac-10 and I feel as though I can be one of the best cornerbacks even if it's at Oregon or Stanford. Those are the schools that I'm looking at in the Pac-10 right now and I guess Oregon's just waiting to pull the trigger. It's just a great school and I've always been an Oregon fan from when I was growing up in Washington with my dad. I was never really a Washington or Washington State fan, I was always an Oregon fan...I was kind of the odd man out...but I obviously like Oregon for what they have to offer. They have a great medical facility -- that's what I want to major in is pre-Medicine -- and I just really like the school."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'm a hard-nosed, physical, shut-down corner with great hips. I pride myself on my great hips."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"A lot of people actually tell me that I play like Asher Allen. I kind of compare myself to Champ Bailey though."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Basically somewhere where I'm going to play that has academic and athletic stability, a great relationship with the coaches, and somewhere where four to five years I know I can deal with and me and my coach can co-exist. Somewhere where I'm not going to dread going because I'm going to have to be there for four to five years."

Is distance a factor for you at all?

"Not out there because I have family that lives out there. Like I said, my older brother lives out there, my cousin just graduated from Washington State two years ago -- Brandon Gibson -- and he's in the NFL now. My aunt lives out there and my cousins live out there, so I have family out that way."

And pre-Medicine is what you're planning on majoring in when you get to school?

"Right. And I want to major in Cardiology. I want to specialize in Cardiology."

What offers do you currently hold right now?

"I've got 12 or 13...Purdue, Stanford, Wake Forest, South Carolina, Kentucky, Auburn, Harvard, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Tennessee...I'm probably missing somebody because I don't have my book right now...Louisville too."

If Oregon were to offer, where would they stand among the schools that you're considering?

"I'd be really enthusiastic about getting an offer from Oregon and going through the recruiting process with Oregon, so they're always in my top five but I think after I visited them I haven't really had the communication from them. I kind of think that the coaches may have lost interest or are interested in kids nearby their area. I'm really liking Stanford in the Pac-10."

Other than Oregon, what are some of the other places you've visited?

"South Carolina and Ole Miss...I'm hoping to go to Tennessee, I'm gonna try to make it out to Vanderbilt, and that's about it."

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