Ducks "Pretty High" On Atkinson's List

George Atkinson III comes from good football stock. His father, George Atkinson, Jr., played in the NFL for a number of years and was a standout with the Oakland Raiders from the late 60's to the mid 70's. The four-star athlete from Livermore (CA) Granada could play any number of positions at the collegiate level, however it appears that one of his favorites -- Oregon -- likes him on offense.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?


What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"A lot. I went to their Junior Day back in April, which was good, and I got a feel for the campus and the coaching and what they do they during practice and I got to watch a little bit of film too. It was relaxing. I talked to (Nick) Aliotti a lot. I talked to him a lot through e-mails and stuff before my offer...afterwards I got to talk to Chip Kelly and we got to hang out a little bit and I talked to Coach (Scott) Frost who is the wide receivers coach, so that was good."

Have Coach Aliotti, Coach Kelly, and Coach Frost been the main people you've been talking to?


How often would you say that you're in contact with those guys?

"Every once in a while, Kelly will shoot an e-mail or whatever. I usually have a lot of contact with Aliotti through the e-mails and stuff, which is nice."

What is your overall interest in Oregon?

"It's pretty high. I mean I like what they're doing as a football team and how they operate. I like their facilities -- they're world-class facilities -- and I like their coaching staff. I like their personality. They're pretty high on the list right now."

Do you have a timetable for a decision or anything like that?

"No, no. Not really."

How would you describe yourself as a football player?

"I'd describe myself as explosive with the ball in my hands, quick, I have an ability to break in to the open field...I got all the confidence in my speed. I'm just a playmaker."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"Not really. I have a lot of players I watch like (Randy) Moss, Jerry Rice, and I watch their work ethic and stuff like running back I like Gale Sayers. I watch a lot of football, so I try take from the best players out there and try to put it in my own game."

What position is Oregon currently recruiting you at?

"Either running back or wide receiver. I think they want me a little bit at both in the backfield and at wideout too."

What are you looking for in a program?

"It's gonna be a place where I feel most comfortable, not only campus wise, but program wise and academically where I think that degree will take me farthest in life...not just football. Things like that. Where I feel most comfortable in the offense or defense or wherever I'm gonna play."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to major in when you get to college?

"I was thinking about something along the lines of business."

What are some of the offers that you have from other schools right now?

"Notre Dame, Miami, all the Pac-10 expect for Stanford, Illinois, Nebraska, Utah, Alabama verbally offered, etc."

Is any school or group of schools leading for you at this point?

"No, not really. Not really. Probably by the summer I will."

What are some of the unofficial or Junior Day visits that you've taken or plan on taking?

"That's the thing, I haven't taken a lot, so once I get those unofficials going, I'll have a good idea of my top five. I've been to UCLA, Cal, San Jose State, and that's about it."

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