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The Crowd is on their feet. And Blood holds on for Third! What a race! Day 1 of the NCAA Championships begins with Theisen taking the early lead in the Heptathalon and Blood finishing in third in a great 10K to bring this day to an end.

KOll crushes it 32:49.35 Iowa SSt teammate secoin Blood dying, but trying makes it 33:22.62 beats fourth and fifth by just a second Blood into fourth and moving!! with 600 to go Koll just lapped runner, two to go 30:18, will run 32:54 or better. Blood being chased but also closing in on third. Blood being chased with four to go, Bridgmon in ninth and fading

74 for Koll, Bridgman in pack and in 7th right now, 6th is ahead. Blood being lost by 2-4 runners. Koll has bolted, Blood in pack of four a little broken and Blood into fourth 72 seconds for Koll!! Koll off and running with 3k to go, Blood into 5th,Bridgmon 10th. Lost five runners at 6k, Ducks still in pack 20:08 with 9 to go, Ducks now sliding up to 9th for Blood and 13th for Bridgmon

8 laps left, only 12 left in pack Blood 8 and Bridgmon 10, running 80s now 13:23.97 Walkonen, hasn't lost anyone. 33:27 pace still. Race just picked up. Koll is on side gettig pelted too. 12 laps rain stops 5k 16:46 33:32 pace

3k for Walkonen squinting into the rain 10:02 for - 33:27 pace, a big mass is in front of Mattie and Nicole, they don't want to go into lane 2 so they are trying to be patient.

77.20 Blood in 4th and Bridgmon in 10th Steady rain again after clearing for last three jumps of TJ Koll sitting in fourth after three laps, Walkonen of Boston in lead, Campbell third, Blood and Bridgmon 11th and 12th, 5:18 for 1600 Blood and Bridgmon 11th and 15th after 5 laps

by the way Mandy White finished 10th in the 100!!

400 women 2+2 Moore and Chaney are time qualifiers Heat 3 Dorr 56.16 Jameson 57.58 Muhammed 57.85

Heat 2 Tierra Brown 56.02 Jameson 57.16 Curtis 57.89

Heat 1 Harrison 55.35 Cooper 56.24 Moore 57.25 Chaney 57.71Kaufman wins after Patterson out

Wilks for Florida out in 100 and Craddock lost point in TJ, A&M moved people through and looks better than form chart.

Now chart is 67-67 Oregon almost advanced Greer in 800, but no improvement still 54

Jumping at 6-2 1/4 Kaufman in lead, Patterson has to clear to win

Taylor wins 17.09 56-1 A&M 2-3, Craddock of Fl 6th

Black improved to fourth on last jump.

400 hurdles 2 + 2 Mason and Aristil made it on time Dutch 49.23 Wyatt 49.85 Aristil Sfl 50.13 LaRue 50.20 Taylor - big jump, 17.02 55-10 1/4 at end of fifth round, collegiate leading mark in this weather

Heat 2 Anderson 49.21 Mayers 50.36 Varner 51.04

Sharif 53-5, A&M now 2-3 as expected in TJ

Heat 1 Morton 49.29 Brown 49.76 Mason 49.97Taylor at end of round 4 to 54-8 3/4 moving to round 5. Taylor favored A&M 2-3 and right now 4-6 through 4 jumps with Stewart up Florida's Craddock supposed to finish fifth, right now third Stewart with big jump - into first 16.38 53-9 passing Taylor

3,000 meter steeple second heat Top 6 advance Nelson BYU 68.5, 2:18.5, 3:28.5, two 70s in a row with Cabral now leading the third lap. Bor of Iowa St takes lead around fourth lap Sodaro now too. 6:29 with two to go Joonas Harjamaki takes the lead ahead of Bor, 6:59 at six laps 7:38 with lap to go Bor and Sodaro looking good Cabral beats Sodaro

Men's 3,000 meter Steeplechase DeSean Turner Indian 69 sec first lap, 69 for second 4:38 for four laps 5:47, Barnabas Kirui moves up from third, now three in lead group, Hughes of Louisville in lead, 6:56 through 6 Hughes slowing, just need to be top six only Hughes and Turner. after last barrier Hughes pushed then 6 fighting for last four spots. Hughes 8:43.08 Turner 8:43.44

Womens 100 First 2 plus two time Heat 3 Mandy White out well in fourth and then fell back +2.7 Tarmoh 11.05 Lucas 11.06 Pinckney 11.18 Evans 11.31 White in sixth 11.42 wind-aided but fastest time ever Pincnkey and Evans make it on time

Heat 2 Okagbare 11.21 Ferguson 11.35 Kendrick 11.47

Heat 1 Hawthorne 11.38 Mahan So Car 11.42 Wilson LSU 11.42 Duncan 11.49 men's 100 Ambrose and Dixon are time Heat 3 Salaam 10.27 Phiri 10.28 Wilks 10.33 Semi 2 toughest heat Sorillo almost caught 10.14 Rowland 10.18 Dixon 10.24 Mitchell FSU 10.32

Florida 1-3 in TJ, A&M 4-6 Ahmad Rashad False Start

Semi 1 Jeff Demps 10.15 Mitchell 10.28 Ambrose 10.30 Williams Tex SA 10.32Theisen in 200 meters Taylor 24.09 Theisen 24.18 in same heat Taylor picks up 9 points now in the lead by four points 3619 for Taylor is 39 point pr compared to her pr (5672) at SEC Theisen is 35 points ahead of PAc-10 5912 pace.

Christian Taylor is in the lead in 53-5 3/4 Jordan 52-1 in round one

Muffet of Ky 171-11 in flight 1, round 1

Craddock of Fl leading after first flight at 52-11 Women's 400 2 auto, next 2 on time Muir and George made it out of heat 1 Heat 3 McCrory 52.04 Baker 53.29 Smith 53.86 Heat 2 Atkins of Auburn 51.88 Cross53.09 Hale 53.34 Muir and George still alive Heat 1 Jessica Beard 52.42 Williams 52.76 Muir 53.04 George 53.30 400 only top two are auto Heat 3 Sanford 45.49 Tate 45.74

Borlee and Henry made it as time qualifiers out of heat 1, in lane 7 and 8 in the final

Heat 2 Hughes 45.15 Pinder 45.77 Wilder 46.02

Borlee and Henry still alive

Heat 1 James 45.44 Smith 45.50 Borlee 45.70 Henry 45.74

Elijah did not make it - scoreboard error

Anne Kesselring in second heat stayed near the leaders, Thompson of LSU ran away last 100 and Kesselring finished second in 2:05.16.

Elijah was the final qualifier based on time, 1:46.99 he is now sixth on all-time list. He knew he made a tactical mistake and was forced out to lane three to make error made on the scoreboard. -Elijah did not make it. The last time qualifier was 1:46.11, Lance Roller in the first heat. Thompson said after the race he knew he had to take it out and thinks he ran 50 for the first lap. Andrews won the race in a collegiate leading time of 1:45.44 and Primm 1:45.70 both prs and top two times

Wheating ran an easy 1:48.80

The top 2 competetors out of each Heat of the Men's 800 Meters aut advance. Wheating will auto advance with his win of his heat, we await finals times to see if Greer or Thompson advance to Fridays final.

800 Meter heats Andrews with the fastest time by a collegette this year auto advances in the 800 Thompson does not auto advance finishes 7th Heat 2 Greer of Oregon fails to auto advance, but holds on to a close third. Pr 1:46.99 Heat 3 Wheating of Oregon ran from the back until 300 meters in rain moves up to 5th and on the Bowerman curve he easily runs past all the other competitors.

Men's Triple - after 2 rounds Craddock of Florida in the lead at 52.11

Heptathlon Theisen advances to lead in shot put over Taylor

Discus Final Results Whiting of Arizona State 1st Finely (a Freshman) of Kansas 2nd We will get you their throws shortly.

Women's Heats: 4x100 2 auto advance Heat 1 Texas AM 43.41 LSU 43.50

Heat 2 Clemson 43.82 Oregon 44.08

Heat 3 Houston 43.68 Auburn 44.10

2 more teams will advance on time.

U of O Women auto advances to Final of the 4x100 relay on Saturday!

Men's 4x100 2nd Heat 2 auto advance Florida easy 38.94 FSU 39.30

1st heat Texas A&M 39.05 Auburn 39.18

Comparisons after Heptathlon season best - Theisen is at 5942 2 Weber 5928 - dropped out 5 Chelsea Taylor 5672 - just had a huge pr in HJ, she might be equal to Theisen

In other events today: The Men's Discus has completed the preliminary rounds of 2 flights of competitors. Final founds will be beginning shortly. Men's Triple Jump begins at 4pm

Taylor does not make this height. She wins the event with points Heptahlon continues with the Shot Put beginning at 4:15 pm Current standings after 2 events: Taylor 2070 Theisen 1982

Taylor is over on her 2nd attempt at 1.87 - a new lifetime best for her and furthe extending her lead. She will now attempt 1.90 - 6 2 3/4.

Taylor of Alabama makes her 3rd attempt at 1.84 and has the right to jump at 1.87 6 1 1/2 which would be a lifetime best and further extend her lead over Theisen. Currently she sits at 2036 with that clearance, Theisen currently sits 2nd at 1982.

Taylor clears on her 3rd attempt at 1.81 this height and will be the winner of this event. Should is moving on to 1.84 (1.85 is her lifetime best) which would add another 26 points to her score. With the clearance at 1.81 Taylors point total is 1029 points this puts her at 16 points over Theisen and puts her into the overall lead.

Theisen and Akinniyi both miss their 3rd attempts at this height. Only Taylor will advance to 1.81 on the East pit. The West pit competition completed at 1.75.

Taylor cleared the bar at 1.78 on her first attempt.

East pit bar goes to 1.78. Theisen has her first miss of the day at this height.

Other clearances at 1.75 for: Taylor 2nd attempt Akinney 2nd attempt With Theisen these are the remaining competitors on the East pit.

14 athletes remain. East pit bar going to 1.75 for 5 feet 8 3/4 inches. And Theisen clears agian bringing her 2 event total to 1982.

Theisen, again, continues to lead. She clears this height of 1.72, her lifetime best is 1.86 in this event. 18 of the original 24 jumpers remain.

Bar going to 1.72 on the East pit. West pit bar is a couple of heights behind east pit, currently at 1.66.

Of the other two leaders in the heptahlon competion, both Aaron and Profit have been eliminated at 1.69.

And she makes it with plenty of room to spare! Thiesen continues to lead the heptathlon competition.

It remains breezy and cool as Theissen makes her first attempt at 1.69 5 feet 6 1/2inch.

Theisen, again, easily over the height of 1.66 on her first attempt.

Bar going to 1.66, 5 feet 3 1/4 inches on the East pit.

Theisen over the bar easily at her first attempt at a height of 1.63

Heptahlon High Jump gets under way at 2:00. There will be 2 pits going at the same time. Theisen will be jumping on the East pit.

THEISEN BREAKS THE SCHOOL RECORD FOR 100 HURDLES with 13.39 + .2 M/S Old school record was 13.43, by Theisen in 2010.

4th Heat - 100 hurdles - Zander, N Dakota S, 13.95 lifetime best 5th Heat - 100 hurdles - Aaron, Miss State 13.67 6th heat - 100 hurdles Osazuwa, Syracuse, 13.96 7th heat - 100 hurdles Fortner, New Mexico, Lifetime best of 14.09 8th heat - 100 hurdles, Hartz, Idaho, 13.95 Current Rankings after 1 event: Theisen 1066 Aaron 1026 Profit 1010

1st heat - 100 Hurdles, Ondrashkova, Georgia in 14.30 2nd Heat - 100 hurdles, Akinniyi, 13.95 lifetime best by 2 10ths of a second 13.49 lifetime best for Brianne Thiesen in 3rd heat of the 100 hurdles

Heptathlon up 1st at 1pm Hurdles set up going from south to north to take advantage of the wind 1st Heat of 100 meter hurdles gets underway at 1pm including the following top 10 competators: Competetor and ranking list compiled by Jack Pfeifer and published in the Register Guard 1. Brianne Thiesen, Oregon, '10 Best of 5942 2. Liane Weber, Clemson, '10 Best of 5928 3. Kiani Profit, Maryland, '10 Best of 5686 4. Sandy Fortner, New Mexico, '10 Best of 5723 5. Chelsea Taylor, Alabama, '10 Best of 5672 6. Ulrike Hartz, Idaho, '10 Best of 5601 7. Dorcas Akinniyl, Wisconsin, '10 Best of 5584 8. Uhunoma Osazuwa, Syracuse, '10 Best of 5549

Theisen is in third section Current Rankings after 1 event: Thiesen 1066 Aaron 1026 Profit 1010

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