Fisher Unofficially Visits Ducks Over Weekend

Under second year head coach Chip Kelly, Oregon has placed an increased emphasis on speed and versatility. In Gilbert (AZ) Higley athlete Kelvin Fisher, both attributes are easily revealed whenever Fisher steps foot on a football field. This past weekend, Fisher unofficially visited the University of Oregon and came away feeling good about what he saw.

Take us through the weekend. How did the visit go?

"Well the visit went really well. I got to see pretty much everything that you would see on an official, but it was an unofficial. Saturday, I arrived there (Eugene) around 9:00 and then they took me through the tour of the facilities -- I saw the academic center which I was really impressed with and the business portion of it, which went pretty well -- and just pretty much hung out with them all day Saturday and then I headed up to Corvallis. On Sunday I had the Nike camp for about four to five hours and then after that, it was kind of just heading back home to Phoenix."

What was your impression of the coaching staff after finally getting some solid one-on-one time with them?

"I met up with Coach (Scott) Frost, the defensive backs coach (John Neal), the linebackers coach (Don Pellum), the defensive coordinator (Nick Aliotti), the offensive coordinator (Mark Helfrich), Coach Chip Kelly as well...I got to meet a lot of was really good. Chip Kelly was really cool. He's a really personable guy and really stand up. He didn't lie to me, he was just kind of straight up with me and didn't really try to feed me full of crap. He basically just told me where I'd lineup and stuff like that...Coach Frost was real cool and they're just a really cool coaching staff."

What was your impression of Eugene from what you got a chance to see?

"I've been to Eugene before and I didn't really go in to depth, but when I went to the campus, I really liked the campus in Eugene as far as college life. It looked like it was a personable town to live in and it did suit me pretty well."

Do you feel like you're any closer to a decision at this point?

"I'm not any closer to a decision. Like I said, I'm just weighing out my options. I like all the schools that have offered me so far and I'm just looking at all the schools that have offered me. I probably won't make a decision until the end of my football season after I make a couple of recruiting trips."

Did you feel an urge to commit at all either from yourself or the coaching staff?

"No. The coaches, they really didn't push anything on me -- they were cool about that -- they didn't try and ask me to commit then or anything. I didn't get the urge to commit because I'm pretty solid on waiting out and stuff, so it wasn't really an urge. It was just me going to see if I liked the campus, liked the coaches, and if I liked Oregon in general -- if I wanted to live there and if I could see myself playing there."

What other unofficial or official visits do you have scheduled?

"Yeah I leave this Sunday actually to go to Arkansas on June 13th...after Arkansas it gets really tough because a lot of coaches start going on vacation and stuff, so I don't really know exactly yet where I'm gonna go. I'm gonna try to talk to the coaches and see if they'll be in town or not?

While you were in Eugene, did you talk with coaches about setting up an official visit during the season?

"No, we didn't really discuss an official. I probably won't start deciding which schools I'm gonna take my official visits to until midway through the season. I would like to take a few during the season just to see games and stuff, but for the most part, it won't be until after the season."

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