Oregon's O-Line Success Is Big For Flavin

No doubt about it, Lisle (IL) Benet Academy three-star offensive tackle Pat Flavin is a striking and dominating force in the trenches. Flavin currently holds around 20 scholarship offers, but is planning to pare down his list of schools very soon. eDuck had the pleasure of sitting down with Flavin recently to discuss recruiting and his interest in Oregon.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yeah. They offered me about month ago probably."

Who was the coach who offered you?

"Coach (Steve) Greatwood recruits me and he also offered me."

Has he been the only coach from Oregon that you've had contact with?

"I talked to Coach (Chip) Kelly a few weeks ago before he took his trip to the Middle East -- I haven't talked to him since -- but just Coach Greatwood and Coach Kelly."

What's your overall interest in Oregon?

"I think at this point it's very high. I'm kind of looking at everybody right now, so I haven't really cut things down yet. I'm looking at everybody, especially schools outside the Midwest that I don't know as much about. I'd say Oregon definitely falls in to the category of schools I'm very interested in. Obviously they've had a lot of success recently on the field playing in the Rose Bowl last year and it seems like it's only gonna get better for them. And with everything going on in the Pac-10, it seems like it's going to be an even more competitive conference than it has been in the past -- and they've been awesome in the past -- so that's one thing that stands out about them. Second, it's a different part of the country, a different area. I've heard it's awesome out there in Oregon and in Eugene -- I'm anxious to check it out. Third, I really like Coach Greatwood and Coach Kelly. They both seem like really cool guys. I know Coach Greatwood's reputation with coaching offensive line and he's had a lot of success everywhere he's been and that's definitely really appealing. And just from talking to Coach Kelly on the phone, he just seems like a great guy and has a great vision for the future and where he's taking the program."

Is distance a factor for you?

"I don't think it's going to be too big of a deal. If it's a school that's close that I'll end up going to, that'll be just kind of a plus side. On the flip side, I kind of see this whole recruiting process as an opportunity to go out and see some other places and experience a different part of the country like the Northwest, so I think wherever the right school for me is where it is. Every area has its thing. I think Oregon is very attractive in that light."

How would you describe yourself as a football player?

"I think my strength would be my athleticism. I think I'm able to get off blocks really well and get to the second level and finish off blocks. That's something I've really worked on over the years; finishing off the block with a pancake. Carrying over with the athleticism, I'd like to think my footwork is pretty good. I enjoy doing pass pro and I think I'm pretty good at it. Some things I need to work on are things like punch in pass pro and getting a little stronger and putting on some weight and speed off the ball is something I think everybody can get better at. That's really something I need to work on especially coming out of a two-point stance which I did most of last year and I'll do a lot this year, so those are two things I need to work out, but overall I'd say my athleticism."

Have the Oregon coaches specified what position along the offensive line they'd like to put you at?

"It sounded like tackle. I don't really know if it's going to be left or right. I play left in high school so I would assume that that is probably what it is. I mean, me and Coach Greatwood didn't really get in to that, but it's definitely going to be tackle."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"I don't know about any comparisons. I'd say that the two guys I really kind of look at as being the top guys along the offensive line nowadays in the pros are Jake Long and Joe Thomas. I saw them when they were in college and they had great careers while they were in college and are doing really well in the pros now. I think they're just kind of the full package of what an offensive tackle should be. They're humongous guys, but they're really athletic too and they do everything well. They finish off blocks and get to the second level and they don't give up sacks, so I think those are two guys that I really kind of try and look at when I'm working on my game."

What are you looking for in a program?

"I think number one is academics definitely. I plan on majoring in history or political science, so I think I'll be looking more specifically at what the school offers in regards to those programs. But definitely a school with a good reputation. Number two, I think more on the football side is how I fit the program. Do I fit the offense? Will I do well in it? Do I work well with the coaches? What kind of people are they? Like I said, distance isn't really gonna be a thing for me. I think, if anything, it could be a plus going to a place away from home just to see a cool area like the Northwest. So the two big ones are gonna be academics and just the overall fit for the program."

What offers do you currently hold from other schools?

"The most recent ones have been Washington, UConn, Vanderbilt. From the Pac-10, the ones I have are UCLA, Cal, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and I think that might be it. And then there's Louisville, North Carolina State, I've been talking to North Carolina a lot, Baylor, Colorado -- I guess Colorado is a Pac-10 team now too -- Kansas, Boston College, Illinois, Purdue, Kentucky...I think that's probably it. I got Central Florida...yeah I think that's probably it. I'm probably leaving some of them out, but I don't know."

Have you had a good amount of contact with any schools that haven't offered you yet?

"There's really three that I'm trying to close the deal on. Those would be Miami, Notre Dame, and Nebraska. I'm gonna camp at Notre Dame on Thursday and then that'll be it for me for camps, but those are kind of the three that I'm still waiting on and I should know about them once the camp season is over with in the next couple weeks or so."

Do you have a top three, top five, or anything like that at this point?

"At this point I'm pretty much wide open. I plan on cutting stuff down in a few weeks -- maybe late June or early July -- I was kind of hoping to get out and see a few more schools that I haven't seen yet before I cut stuff down. I kind of have a good idea what schools are where right now. I was able to make a lot of visits in the spring and last fall. I think in terms of Oregon, I was talking to Coach Greatwood tonight actually -- we were just talking about football and different stuff -- and I think Oregon is definitely gonna land in whatever the top whatever is. Whether it's six or seven, I'm very much interested in them and anxious to learn more about them."

In your conversations with the Oregon coaching staff, have they asked you about taking an unofficial visit or anything like that?

"We haven't talked so much about official visits. Coach Kelly was mentioning they like to get guys on official visits just because the game day atmosphere is awesome up there I guess -- I mean I don't doubt it...whenever I'm watching them it seems crazy. I was talking to Coach Greatwood tonight and he said I could come up possibly the first week in July if it works out, but if not, this summer I definitely want to take an official there."

Have you already taken any unofficial visits or do you plan on taking any unofficial visits?

"I took a bunch in the spring. I went to a bunch of Junior Days. I was at Iowa, Purdue, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan...I was at Michigan State last Friday taking an unofficial and everything...and then I went to games last fall at Notre Dame, Illinois, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and Michigan. Other than that, the schedule is kind of up in the air right now in terms of what I'm gonna do this summer. I'm hoping to get out and see some more if I go out west. I want to see as many schools as I can out there...probably Cal and Oregon and Oregon State and Washington. Maybe if I go out east, it'd be Boston College and Duke, but other than that, that's about it."

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