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Charlotte (NC) Charlotte Christian School defensive end Kyler Brown is a unique prospect. Listed at 6'4'' 198 lbs., Brown lines up at wide receiver on offense for his high school team. However, it's the attention he's receiving at defensive end that may be most surprising. Oregon defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro has been to Charlotte twice to see Brown and recently, Brown returned the favor.

Do you have an offer from Oregon?

"Yes I do."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"I've called them and I went on a visit to Oregon I think two weeks ago."

Was that for the camp or was that an unofficial visit?

"That was an unofficial."

Talk about the visit. Was that your first time in Oregon?

"Yeah it was. It was the first time I've been out West, except I've been to Utah like once or twice...(the visit) went well. I was there for a day and we just toured everything for about 12 and a half hours. We got to see pretty much everything. We got to meet with the coaches and get to see all of the facilities and everything and it was really nice."

Was there any particular part of your visit that really stuck out to you?

"One of the things that stuck out to me was how great the coaching staff is and how all the players are united as a team and how great they work together and everything."

Which coaches did you interact with when you were in Eugene for your visit?

"Coach (Chip) Kelly and Coach (Jerry) Azzinaro and Coach (Jim) Fisher...he's just the recruiting coordinator who helps with stuff, he toured us...and then Coach (Nick) Aliotti."

Which coaches have you been in the most contact with from Oregon throughout the recruiting process?

"Coach Azzinaro. He came down and visited me twice to see me workout and stuff. I've stayed in touch with him the most."

How is your relationship with Coach Azzinaro? What was it like to be able to spend some quality time with him in Eugene?

"That was great. I really got to see what he was like and how he acts and what he does. We got to spend some time with him and talk about what they see me at and everything and that went well."

What was your impression of Eugene from time you spent there?

"It was really sweet. It's awesome to have everything an hour away, like the mountains, the ocean, lakes and stuff. The city was beautiful. It rains all the time, so it's just all green everywhere. It was a really nice town."

When you were on your visit, did you feel you got any closer to a decision as far as where you think you might want to go to school?

"Yeah. It really showed what it's like. I can't really explain it, but it definitely helped."

Was there an urge from you or the coaching staff to commit at all?

"No, not really. They want me to be able to come out there and see a game first. There was no pressure from them. They didn't make me feel like I had to commit."

What is your overall interest in Oregon?

"Oh, it's very high. Right now, I'm trying to decide between Oregon and Duke. I'm going to visit West Virginia in a couple of weeks, but we'll see how that goes."

Do you have a certain timetable for when you would like to have a decision made?

"I'm not so sure right now."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I hustle and I'm a hard-nosed hitter that comes off the edge quick and can chase down anybody pretty much."

Is there a guy at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"Not really, no. I haven't really thought about that."

What are you looking for in a program?

"A good coaching staff. I want to be able to relate to them and just be able to chill with them and stuff. Same thing with the players. I want to be able to relate to them also and I want to be able to have good relationships and everything and have good team bonding. Good football and academics (too), obviously."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"I'm not really sure. I'm kind of leaning maybe towards engineering, but I'm not sure right now."

What are some of the offers that you hold right now from other schools?

"I have Duke, Illinois, and East Carolina."

Outside of Oregon, have you taken any unofficial visits or do you have any other unofficial visits planned?

"I have planned a visit to West Virginia, which is going to be an unofficial in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure they're going to offer me then...I just got back from Duke. I had an unofficial with them too."

In your conversations with the Oregon coaches, did they mention any specific dates as far as getting you out for an official visit?

"No specific dates, they were just saying they wanted me to get out sometime."

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