Wilson Visits Oregon Unofficially

Though he's still awaiting an official scholarship offer, Corona (CA) Corona Senior three-star defensive end DeVante Wilson visited Oregon unofficially this past week.

When we last spoke, you didn't have an offer. Did you receive an offer from Oregon during your unofficial visit?

"No. I have to send them a highlight tape so they can show Coach (Chip) Kelly."

Did they say when they might evaluate your highlight tape and make any decisions with regard to an offer?

"(The coach) said that once they get back in office, they'll let me know."

Take us through the time you spent in Eugene during your unofficial. How did the visit go?

"Well I got there Wednesday night -- to Portland...I was up there for a family reunion, so there was a lot of family and everything -- and then Thursday morning we drove down to Eugene. I liked all the trees and everything...it's very beautiful out there. We met Coach Don Pellum and we got a tour of the campus and the facilties and everything and met some players. It's was nice."

What was your impression of the coaching staff after finally getting some solid one-on-one time with them?

"(Pellum) was pretty cool. He was very straight up. He said they're going to keep it real with me and I like that."

And did you meet with Coach Kelly and Coach Pellum?

"No, Coach Kelly wasn't there, so I met Coach Pellum and one of the recruiting coordinators."

How much time did you actually get to spend in Eugene?

"We were just out there for a few hours. We just went down there and then had to get back to Portland."

What was your impression of Eugene from what you got a chance to see?

"It seemed like a nice little town; a good community. It was very green, the people seemed nice, and they love some Oregon football out there."

Despite still not having an offer, do you feel like Oregon made an even bigger impression on you or are they pretty much the same as they were before your visit?

"I think they made a bigger impression. It was big that I got to go down there and see."

Was there anything in particular about your visit that really stood out to you?

"I loved the student athlete academic center -- the Jaqua Center. It was real nice. It's very high-tech in there and everything."

During your visit, did they discuss possibly scheduling an official visit for you?

"Yeah, we were talking about taking an official during the season."

What is your updated list of offers that you currently hold?

"I have 10. Nebraska, Arizona, Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Colorado State, Duke, New Mexico, Utah, and San Jose State."

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