Oregon Fall Camp: Day 6 - Morning

The Oregon football team began daily doubles this morning in preparation for the upcoming season. Though the temperature was hot, the action was somewhat subdued, as the team focused on instruction and fundamentals heading in to this afternoon's practice.

1. The last time the Ducks gathered for practice there was some confusion as to who actually won the the team's first competition day of fall camp. After Friday afternoon's practice, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly vowed to go to instant replay after it was unclear whether or not Jeff Maehl was in bounds on a reception to end practice that would have erased the defense's 119-118 victory. In the spirit of wanting to remain impartial, Kelly had his video staff cut the footage of Maehl's catch and send the clip via e-mail to Dave Cutaia -- the Pac-10 coordinator of officials -- to make a ruling. Seriously.

"Dave Cutaia and the replay officials in Chicago ruled that it was not a catch because he did not control the ball," said Kelly,

"(Maehl) actually caught the ball, but when he hit the ground, the ball came out and he would have had to hold the ball because he wasn't in bounds long enough to submit a catch."

The defense, however, gave the black jerseys to the offense due to the tepid temperatures today, according to Kelly.

2. There were few big plays this morning, though during 11-on-11's, quarterbacks Nate Costa and Darron Thomas traded interceptions to redshirt defensive back Brian Jackson and senior defensive end Kenny Rowe, respectively. Costa's interception was once again a result of a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage, where as Thomas' pick a misguided coverage read. Kelly contended that the criticism regarding Costa's deflected passes at the line of scrimmage is more or less bombastic.

"It's all overblown," said Kelly after practice, "If you have a quarterback who's 6'1'' and gets his ball tipped at the line, (the excuse is) it's how tall he is. If you have a quarterback who's 6'3'' who gets his ball tipped at the line it's because it was a good play by the defensive lineman."

"Everyone is going to have to throw through alleys and throw through lanes, because when Brandon Bair sticks his arms up, there's no one taller than Brandon Bair."

Official Oregon Injury Report:

DT Zac Clark (back), LB Michael Clay (leg), OL Hroniss Grasu (shoulder), WR Justin Hoffman (head), OL Darrion Weems (back), TE Curtis White (shoulder)

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