BAMA: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed miserably for the Lions Saturday? Get the lowdown in team grades from the Alabama game.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The grades from Penn State's 24-3 loss to No. 1 Alabama here Saturday.

OVERALL: We know Penn State played with heart. But a three-touchdown loss is a three-touchdown loss. No way we can give a passing grade here.
Grade: D+

OFFENSE: The Nittany Lions managed only 283 total yards and no scores while turning over the ball four times.
Grade: D

DEFENSE: There were breakdowns all over the place early. And for the second-straight game, the Penn State defense failed to create a turnover.
Grade: D+

SPECIAL TEAMS: A bright spot on the day. Stephfon Green was strong on kickoff returns and Collin Wagner has not missed a field goal in three games, dating back to last season.
Grade: B-

COACHING: We don't really have a problem with the game plans. The players just didn't execute them very well.
Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: Outside of PSU burning a couple of timeouts, we never got the sense that the loud crowd took the Lions out of their game. The Crimson Tide did a good enough job of that, though.
Grade: C

OTHER GUY: If there were any doubts that 'Bama deserves to be No. 1, there are not any more. This without their best offensive and defensive players.
Grade: A+

OFFICIALS: Ugh. How did Dave Without find his way into this game? Overall, though, the zebras were OK.
Grade: B-

CROWD: A loud and respectful bunch. Not sure we've every seen the Lions get their butts whipped before a friendlier group.
Grade: A+


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