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Joe Paterno held his weekly Penn State football press conference, discussing the Alabama loss and upcoming Kent State clash. Get an instant recap and jump into the best PSU fan discussion online.

Joe Paterno held his Kent State press conference on Tuesday. Get a recap of his comments and discuss what the head coach said on the FOS TAP Board; the best PSU fan community online.

On what he has learned about the team so far:

He was nervous about how young they were and where the leadership would come from.

He kind of expected them to be tentative early against Bama.

He thinks we'll learn a lot about the team this week and going forward.

He is praising the Alabama fans and how classy they are.

"I think our kids go caught up in some things there and we have to grow up."

He said kids have to start making plays.

On the development of Bolden and Newsome:

"Bolden is the quarterback, there is no competition."

He thinks he has done well overall. "We have to do a better job of protecting him. I think he's done well."

"Overall there's no need for us to think about changing."

On Hodge injury:

It's some sort of broken leg that is splinted; a slight break. "It will be awhile."

He's not sure if it will be 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

On the tackling issues:

"I think that's because we have some tentative people. They are not as aggressive as they should be."

"You can't stand around and let the other guy make a move, you have to go after them."

"That takes experience, but the observation that they have not tackled well is accurate."

They also have to improve ball reaction.

They have had no picks or fumble recoveries in two games. "We've got a ways to go in those kinds of things."

On his evaluation of Royster so far:

"I think the effort is fine."

He doesn't think they've established the kind of running game where Royster excels. He kind of picks his spots. "He's doing alright."

Joe thinks its the "whole mix" that they haven't been able to sustain any type of offense, especially at Bama.

On the offensive line play:

He thinks they did better agaisnt Bama. It is tough with a young QB.

"We're certainly not going to fool anybody."

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