KSU: Game Review

Get a review of the Penn State football clash with Kent State right here. Get a review of big and scoring plays for Saturday's Beaver Stadium clash.


First Downs: PSU 21, KSU 12
Total Plays: PSU 70, KSU 62
Total Yards: PSU 382, KSU 218
Passing Yards: PSU 220, KSU 170
Rushing Yards: PSU 162, KSU 59
Penalties: PSU 34:21, KSU 25:39
Turnovers: PSU 3, KSU 2

Bolden: 17 for 28, 217 yards 1 TD, 2 INT, 4 carries for 33 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 11 carries for 38 yards, 1 TD
Green: 10 carries for 59 yards
Moye: 3 receptions for 77 yards


PSU forces another punt. On the first play Bolden hits Devon Smith for a 48-yard touchdown strike.

Penn State 24, Kent State 0

Penn State defense forces a 3rd and 14 and a subsequent punt. Newsome steps in to wrap up the game.


Penn State has a solid return from Willis, but on the first play KSU recovers a poor Bolden-Royster handoff. KSU squanders an opportunity kicking a field goal wide right.

Penn State decided they wanted to continue to give KSU opportunities, with Bolden tossing another interception. Lucky for the Lions, the defense holds and forces another pooch punt.

PSU settled in on the next drive thanks to the hard running of Green. Lions settle for a field goal.

Penn State 17, KSU 0


First Downs: PSU 9, KSU 8
Total Plays: PSU 33, KSU 37
Total Yards: PSU 172, KSU 135
Passing Yards: PSU 113, KSU 86
Rushing Yards: PSU 59, KSU 49
Penalties: PSU 15:45, KSU 14:15
Turnovers: PSU 1, KSU 2

Bolden: 8 for 14, 113 yards 0 TD, 1 INT, 4 carries for 33 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 8 carries for 34 yards, 1 TD
Moye: 3 receptions for 77 yards


Bolden mounts a drive with his arm and his legs, but PSU is forced to punt. However, Lions force a quick three and out for KSU.

Penn State refusing to establish the run though and forced to punt again.

Kent State finds some success, but PSU forces a 4th and 18 and a punt. However, PSU gives it right back.

KSU manages another drive, but Keith tosses another interception to Derrick Thomas.


Kent State got the ball and started at their 20 after a big kickoff by Fera. Keith comes out passing, but after a quick first down D'Anton Lynn picks off Keith giving PSU a short field.

Penn State takes advantage on a Bolden sneak and takes the early lead.

Penn State 7, Kent State 0

Next drive KSU starts to drive on the ground, but PSU defense holds forcing a punt.

Penn State comes out swinging again, with Bolden hitting Moye for a 55-yard pass - career longs for both. Royster pounds it in for a touchdown.

Penn State 14, Kent State 0

Kent State comes out passing again, forcing a 4th and 13.


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