KSU: Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short in Penn State's easy win over Kent State.

OVERALL: We like seeing Penn State play aggressively in jumping out to an early lead. But the Lions should have thrown the knockout punch long before they did.
Grade: B-

OFFENSE: We're still not sure what that second quarter was all about. Was nice to see the staff come to its senses and get some things done with the running game in the third quarter, though.
Grade: C

DEFENSE: No, things were not perfect. In the end, however, we're looking at a shutout.
Grade: B+

SPECIAL TEAMS: The Nittany Lions were strong everywhere, which was good considering Kent State came in with a reputation for having some of the best special-teams play in the nation.
Grade: A-

COACHING: We especially liked what Tom Bradley did on defense - benching players who missed tackles. There is no better way to send a message.
Grade: B-

INTANGIBLES: Overall, Penn State played well after a very tough loss.
Grade: B

OTHER GUY: The Golden Flashes played not to be blown out and they weren't. But they could have made things more exciting had they tried a gamble here and there while only trailing by 14.
Grade: C-

OFFICIALS: One spot seemed a little dicey. Other than that, we're not complaining.
Grade: B

CROWD: Penn State fans apparently had more of a post-Alabama hangover than the players.
Grade: C


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