RECAP: Paterno's Temple PC

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Catch up on Joe Paterno's Temple press conference:

On whether coaching has become more stressful in light of what happened to D'Antonio:

Joe dropped him a note. But he has not thought about that. Says in this day and age if they catch things soon enough, they are very curable. Says D'Antonio is "a wonderfui guy and outstanding coach."

He says there is stress in everything these days. Politicians are under great pressure, it is the world we live in. The media has to compete.

On Temple RB Bernard Pierce:

"The whole Temple team presents a problem. Golden and his staff have done a great job."

"They are very, very sound and have gotten better each year."

It will be a tough ball game, they beat a couple of tough teams.

On if D Al Golden asked for his opinion of Temple job before he took it:

He talked to Joe about possibilities. Joe can't remember if Golden called him specifically or not about Temple. But every now and then they would talk about Golden's future and patience.

Just not to jump at any job and the wait for the right opportunity.

On if Stephfon Green has done enough over past couple of weeks to merit more carries:

"I don't know." Says they take it one game at a time and the opponent's defense sometimes dictates what they can and can't do.

He can't say anyone is going to carry it X number of times. They have two or three good RBs, any one of which can handle the situation. Nobody has taken the ball and shoved it down Temple's throat.

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