TEMPLE: Game Review

Get a review of the Nittany Lions' 22-13 win over the Owls at Beaver Stadium. See the big plays, scoring drives and deciding factors of the game right here.


Devon Smith with a quick return on a short punt to the PSU 40. PSU settles for a field goal try, but Wagner's kick goes wide left for his first miss of the day.

Bolden started to orchestrate a solid drive with a big third-down pass to Zug. On a long third and 8 Bolden hit Brown for a 27-yard pickup.

Zordich pounds in a 1-yard touchdown.

Drive Summary: 5 plays, 51 yards, 2:26

Penn State 22, Temple 13

On the next drive Nick Sukay had an incredible interception, the second of the game.

Penn State opts to grind out the clock with two minutes left.

Final Score: Penn State 22, Temple 13


First Downs: PSU 20, TU 8
Total Yards: PSU 439, TU 202
Pass Yards: PSU 223, TU 46
Rush Yards: PSU 216, TU 156
Penalties: PSU 4/25, TU 1/4
Turnovers: PSU 1, TU 4
TOP: PSU 34:31, TU 25:29


PSU and Temple both start third quarter with a pair of three-and-outs.

Penn State OT Lou Eliades appears to injure right knee. Rough day for PSU O-line.

Fera with booming punt down to Temple 6-yard line.

Temple RB Bernard Pierce injured. Has to be helped off field. Appears to be right leg injury.

Temple punts from own 11-yard line, Devon Smith fields the ball around midfield, breaks off lung run and is tripped up inside Temple 10-yard line. Return is called back on Penn State holding penalty. Nittany Lions take over at Temple 49.

After Brackett reception and Royster run, offense stalls at Temple 15. Wagner hits 32-yard field goal.

Five trips inside Temple 30 for PSU today. No touchdowns. Four field goals. One turnover on downs.

Drive: 6 plays, 34 yards, 2:22.

Temple 13, Penn State 12

Astorino pass interference penalty is overturned when replay shows Temple receiver stepped out-of-bounds before being interfered with.

Stupar intercepts pass on third-and-10 from Temple 33. Returns the ball to Temple 12-yard line. Stewart was pressured by Massaro.

Wagner nails 21-yard field goal. Fifth FG of the day---ties school record. Wagner has accounted for 37 of Penn State's 86 points this season.

Drive: 4 plays, 8 yards, 1:35

Penn State 15, Temple 13

Temple goes three-and-out to end the quarter.


Penn States goes three-and-out to start 2nd quarter.

42-yard punt by Fera.

Temple three-and-out. Still almost blocks punt, Owls down the ball at Penn State's one-yard line, 54-yard punt.

Bolden completes 33-yard pass to Brown down Penn State sideline.

On first-and-10 from Temple 29, Bolden sacked by Tahir Whiteside, forces fumble, ball bounces towards sideline, trio of Owls fail to recover ball, rolls out of bounds---loss of 19 yards. First sack allowed by Penn State this season.

Bolden hit as he throws on third-and-27, completes 21-yard pass to Gilliam down to Temple 25. Sets up a 42-yard field goal attempt by Wagner which he successfully hits.

Johnnie Troutman was slow to get off the field after field goal. Quinn Barham was on the sideline getting lower right leg taped.

Drive: 11 plays, 74, 5:58

Temple 13, Penn State 9

Nick Sukay intercepts third down pass from Chester Stewart. Penn State ball at Temple 45 with 3:26 left in quarter.

Barham back in game.

Royster breaks 100-yard mark for first time this season (took only 14 carries).

Bolden stuffed on QB sneak on fourth-and-1 from Temple 25 with 49 seconds left in half. PSU still trails by four points.

Temple takes a knee to end the half.


Penn State (2-1) and Temple are playing at Beaver Stadium Saturday. Get the latest game updates right here.

Massaro, Crawford, and Bailey all starting for PSU defense.

Evan Royster breaks 50-yard run down right sideline on game's first play, down to Temple 29-yard line---Nittany Lion's longest rush of the season. Stephfon Green fumbles on following play but Penn State recovers.

Colin Wagner drills a 45-yard field goal. His fourth, 40-plus-yard field goal of the season. Drive: 5 plays, 51 yards, 2:26.

3-0 Penn State

Temple fumbles first snap of game. Goes three-and-out.

Royster fumbles, forced by linebacker Elijan Joseph, recovered by defensive end Adrian Robinson at PSU 28-yard line.

Temple running back Bernard Pierce runs for 5-yard touchdown. Temple's first touchdown vs. Penn State since 2003---a 23-10 Nittany Lion win. Drive: 2 plays, 28 yards, 0:56.

7-3 Temple

Wagner boots 32-yard field goal. Drive: 13 plays, 60 yards, 6:00.

7-6 Temple

Owls RB James Nixon busts 51-yard run to PSU four-yard line---longest rush allowed by PSU this season. Two plays later Bernard Pierce punches it in for three-yard touchdown. Bad snap on PAT, no good. Drive: 6 plays, 75 yards, 2:42.

13-6 Temple

End of 1st quarter

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