Barnes Talks PSU Visit

PSU got an unofficial visit from Philadelphia's Deion Barnes this past weekend. What did the standout defensive end have to say about the program and its fans?

Deion Barnes was expecting screaming fans when he took an unofficial visit to Penn State this past weekend to watch the Nittany Lions take on Temple. He just didn't expect the fans in blue and white to be screaming his name.

A national recruit and a coveted defensive end out of Philadelphia's always solid Northeast program, Barnes said that he really enjoyed Saturday's Penn State win over Temple. At the game, he was blown away by the nearly packed house at Beaver Stadium. He said the fan reception was "absolutely amazing."

And it was amazing toward him.

"When I got there, the fans were all yelling my name. There was this older woman who was there, screaming my name," Barnes told "I don't know if they were told to yell my name, but they kept yelling it at me. The fans all over kept saying ‘Deion – come here!' It was pretty crazy."

Barnes has been to Penn State several other times so he didn't really learn anything new about the campus or the football facility, other than he was impressed with the blue and white turnout for the game against the MAC program. Another impression that was made on Barnes was that he noted how close the team's dorms are to the football facility and the stadium.

"Everything there for the team seems to be built around football," Barnes said.

The defensive end is enjoying a solid senior season, averaging over eight tackles a game. He also has five sacks through Northeast's first four games. Usually, a highly touted senior like Barnes sees a dip in production during his senior season as other teams will double or triple team a marquee defensive end in an effort to slow the player down. Not so with Barnes, who said he's enjoying one of his best seasons ever. While he could potentially play outside linebacker if his high school switches to a 3-5, he said he sees himself as a "natural defensive end. I'm really not used to playing standing up."

He attributes his success this year to being hard to track down for the other team's offensive line.

"I think it's because I keep moving around so much, on the line," Barnes said. "They don't know where to double team me because they don't know where I'm coming from."

Barnes is planning some other moving around this year in the form of official visits. He plans on taking all five official visits and will do so after the season. He's eying a December or possibly January decision.

"The five officials will be my top five," Barnes said. "So it's Penn State, Michigan, Pitt, South Carolina and Georgia."

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