CALLING CARD: Evan Royster (RB)

Evan Royster fielded a wide array of questions on his Tuesday conference all with the media. See what the senior back had to say about the Temple win, Iowa game, his own game, where the Penn State football squad currently stands and more.

Here's a sampling of Evan Royster's comments from Tuesday morning:

On why Iowa has been so tough for PSU the last couple of years:

"They're loaded on defense and they play sound. They don't blitz a lot. They do a lot of things right. It's tough to move the ball on them because they're not taking a lot of chances by blitzing and stuff. They are sound."

On why the running game began to click last week:

"We're just starting to come together. Our offensive line is coming together and people are seeing we're developing a passing game, so they can't put eight and nine guys in the box."

On losing two straight two Iowa:

"It's tough losing to a team two years in a row like that. It's kind of heartbreaking because it really hurt our season two years ago. Last year, we got out to an early lead and having that punt blocked and momentum going the other way - it's tough to lose a game like that."

On beginning Big Ten play:

"This is where we get into the season and it gets kind of intense because we're playing for our lives. We want to get that Big Ten championship. That's what we set our goal as. We have to play well to keep that dream alive."

On having to replace right tackle Lou Eliades, who tore an ACL vs. Temple and is out for the year:

"We like to think that other guys are ready to step in and play. We really can't say until we see..."

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