IOWA: Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short in Penn State's 24-3 loss in Iowa City? Check out the rundown.

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Penn State dropped a 24-3 decision to Iowa here Saturday night. Read on to see who earned positive marks and who has more work to do.

OVERALL: There is nothing good about a three-touchdown loss. The Nittany Lions know this all too well after falling at Alabama by the very same score.
Grade: D+

OFFENSE: Through five games, Penn State has scored 96 points. Not good at all.
Grade: D-

DEFENSE: This unit played well in the final two and a half quarters. But it was once again flat early.
Grade: C-

SPECIAL TEAMS: The punting game was terrible when it mattered most.
Grade: C-

COACHING: The defense was flat early. The offense could not close the deal on anything (again). The end of the first half was almost comical. You can only blame an inexperienced roster for so long.
Grade: D

INTANGIBLES: There were so many times in this game when the Lions just needed a spark. But nobody could provide it.
Grade: D

OTHER GUY: We love the Hawkeyes' defensive front. But other than that, this outfit seems kind of average.
Grade: B+

OFFICIALS: They seemed to get all the key calls right, especially Iowa's goal-line stop of Rob Bolden (which was confirmed by replay).
Grade: B+

CROWD: Great job by the Hawkeye backers to pull off the striped stadium.
Grade: A

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