IOWA: Game Recap

Get a review of Penn State's 24-3 loss at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes, including stats, big plays and more.


First Downs: PSU 14, IA 17
Total Plays: PSU 64, IA 59
Total Yards: PSU 293, IA 349
Passing Yards: PSU 224, IA 227
Rushing Yards: PSU 69, IA 122
Penalties: PSU 4/35, IA 5/29
Possession: PSU 28:11, IA 31:48
Turnovers: PSU 1, IA 1


PSU falls short again, but pinned Iowa deep. Iowa manages to get across midfield, but has to punt again.

Penn State get's pinned deep but is forced to third and 22 and had to punt. Fera has an incredible 74-yard punt downed at the Iowa 15.

Iowa managed to grind down the clock, but PSU forces a punt. However on his frist pass of the drive, Bolden tosses a pick-6.

Iowa 23, Penn State 3


Penn State opens the second half with a solid drive with some different play-calling and nice catches from Brown. In a continued comedy of errors though Penn State is stuffed on fourth down on a Bolden run who missed the endzone by an inch.

PSU defense forces an Iowa punt, but Penn State gives it right back after a first down. Lion defense digs in though and forces a fourth and 19.


First Downs: PSU 6, IA 13
Total Plays: PSU 29, IA 35
Total Yards: PSU 134, IA 235
Passing Yards: PSU 123, IA 143
Rushing Yards: PSU 11, IA 92
Penalties: PSU 2/15, IA 2/20
Possession: PSU 11:07, IA 18:53
Turnovers: PSU 0, IA 1


Penn State is forced to a three-and-out. But Penn State's defense holds and forces an Iowa punt.

PSU manages to finally get a first down with a Bolden strike to Brackett. And PSU manages a second first down on a 19-yard Redd run.

Bolden goes deep, but just misses Smith and Lions forced to punt again.

But PSU's defense forces another Iowa punt. Bolden manages to hit Smith for a 26-yard completion, but Lions forced to put Fera back on the field for a punt.

Iowa drives down and jams in a touchdown.

Iowa 17, Penn State 0

Drive: 8 plays, 68 yards, 3:56

Bolden tosses an interception, but Iowa is called for a roughing the passer penalty. Bolden hits Bracket for 48 yards and a first and goal with six seconds left. Wagner hits the field goal.

Iowa 17, Penn State 3


Fera kicks a touch-back and Iowa picks up a quick first down. Iowa marches down the field, but settles for a field goal.

Iowa 3, Penn State 0

Drive: 9 plays, 77 yards, 5:39

Penn State gets a nice return from Powell over the 30-yard line. On third and three Royster trips and PSU is forced to Punt.

On Iowa's next pass Sukay makes a nice interception giving PSU the ball back.

Penn State is immediately forced into third and long and Bolden with an overshoot forcing PSU to punt.

Iowa marches down and Stanzi hits a wide open touchdown pass to thanks to PSU's inability to get any pocket pressure.

Iowa 10, Penn State 0

Drive: 7 plays, 51 yards, 3:53


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